06 March 2012


These Dreams: Dreaming of Him

If this were another sort of blog, I'd have weekly posts on The Voice of Ireland, a new "reality" singing competition I've been hooked on these days. (I can only get selected clips off the official YouTube channel, but I don't mind . . . too much.)

As expected, I started watching for Kian Egan, and thought that if I were auditioning and proved good enough to get all four judges pitching to me, I'd choose him for his solid Pop background alone. (I mean, what other genre in the world would I be all right to sing?) But then I started listening to Bressie's Pop-informed Alternative music and reliving the time I loved Sharon Corr as the violinist of the folksy Rock band The Corrs, and realised it wouldn't be that simple.

Not that I'll ever be in a position to have any of them for a vocal coach, but based on Sharon's motherly demeanor with contestants and her unpretentious (if also unimpressive) solo effort Dream of You, I'd want to be on her team.

Okay, she's not her sister Andrea,
but that's not the point . . .

It's not the best track on her first solo album, which is also called Dream of You, but I loved what she said about it in a promotional interview.

The song--and much of the album, I gather--was written during her first pregnancy and recorded during her second.

"It was written about the bond between myself and my unborn child," she explained, "and it's just . . . exploring the idea that you've never met this person, but you have this incredibly strong feeling for them--this incredibly strong need to protect them. And you change everything you do . . . your eating, the way you live, your whole life, to make sure that they're safe inside you . . . Dream of You is about my dream of him."

And that really resonated with me when I heard it because I've started wondering whether I will have any children at all. (I'll bet you didn't think I'd say that.) I won't take you through my night of melancholia, but I feel brave enough to reveal that at the end of it--or rather, very early next morning--I had a dream in which I was wearing a beautiful gold dress, carrying in my arms a little boy who was my son, and posing with him for a portrait.

Some of my dearest online friends will know what I mean when I say I called him Igor.

Sharon may not be the strongest singer among the four coaches (or even among her siblings!), but she writes and performs from the heart--which is something I know I'd treasure in a mentor, now that I'm getting more serious about music. (And I am considering taking voice lessons this summer.) It would be another sort of dream come true for me to be on Team Sharon, and I can't wait to see her acts take their turn on the live shows next week.

Image Source: The Voice of Ireland coaches


cyurkanin said...

I wonder if you really will call him Igor.

Enbrethiliel said...


For what it's worth, Igor is a saint's name . . . but only for the Orthodox (I think!), so I'm not sure whether I'd let myself get away with it.

christopher said...

Ever since you began the Igor motif, I always picture Marty Feldman in my head. I hope your son doesn't look like him...