29 February 2012


Westlife Wednesday

Forget McFly for a moment. Westlife are breaking up. I was so moved when I heard the news that I unsettled myself. Until that moment, I hadn't known I cared.

There's nothing like the "end of an era" to make you nostalgic, which is why I spent a couple of evenings last week going through the 'Life's old hits from the late 1990s and early 2000s, and being surprised at how much they had contributed to what I might call the soundtrack of my life. Even those singles I didn't think I knew, I was easily able to sing along to.

And a couple of afternoons ago, when I asked my best friend whether I could play a newly purchased Westlife CD in her car (Better late than never, LOL!), she felt many of her own memories rushing back to her.

What follows is less an album review than a loose collection of reflections . . . which seems only appropriate for a Greatest Hits compilation.

Seven Notes on Unbreakable: The Greatest Hits, Vol. 1

25 February 2012


Bonfire Books

The book blogosphere threw a virtual book burning and I wasn't invited. =(

But in all fairness, I've been so out of the loop these days that they could have hired a marching band to deliver the invitation to my door and I still probably wouldn't have noticed.

I refer of course to last Tuesday's blog party at The Broke and the Bookish, in which over 200 people linked up their lists of Top Ten Books to Save from a Disaster. (How do I miss these things???)

It seems a little silly to prepare a full Tenner when I'm closer to next Tuesday's party than to this last one, but my blogging muse insists on getting in on the fun. So here's a Three-Legged List for you all, complete with out-of-focus photos of the books that beat the fire . . .

3 Books from My Library
That I'd Rescue from a Fire

11 February 2012


Twelve Things about The Amityville Horror

12. Are Haunted Houses fantastic or what? If I ever do a Top 5 Archetypal Settings, they will be #1!

But that's because (as longtime readers already know)
I used to live in a haunted house . . . ;-)

11. For those who have already seen this . . . At what point did you find yourself yelling the "For God's sake, get out!" tagline at the screen?

I lasted a while, holding it in until Day 18.
(Guess what had happened on Day 17!)

10. Before I begin my usual eccentric analysis, I think it's worth sharing my teenage brother's more straightforward take on The Amityville Horror. Also a fan of the genre, he was very eager to watch this with me at the beginning . . . and then didn't last thirty minutes. Not because it was too scary, but because it was too boring. (Poor movie.)

9. Back to the setting for a bit: I'm tickled that it's probably the only movie house that is more recognisable from the side than from the front.

03 February 2012


Character Connection 31

Has it really been six months since I last did a Character Connection post??? Unbelievable.

Let me see if I still remember how to do this properly!

Please note that the featured book in this post was read for a 2011 Reading Challenge. I'd like to state, for the record, that I read it in 2011, which means it counts for the challenge. A fact that would be more impressive if it weren't the only book for that challenge I managed to finish in the 365 days I had to read four. (LOL!)