26 December 2011


The Last Poem . . . of 2011

letter W ampersand & rubber stamp handle letter Q
rubber stamp handle 1 Wooden Bingo Number 8

And because I'm "honest to a fault," I'll admit the bulk of it was written in 2012. =P (Ah, backdating . . .)

This poem would have been done much earlier, had I not insisted on having the prompts my way this time around--and I had some very definite ideas.

The main image in the question immediately made me think of mountains--and what sealed the deal was a trip back to my Favourite Place on Planet Earth, whether there is a small hill with all the gravitas of Everest. My poem, I promised, would be about Corregidor.

It just took longer to write than I had dared to think . . . but at least it comes with pictures!!!

12 December 2011


Twelve Things about Arachnophobia

12. "Just what the world needs. More bugs." But does the Horror genre need "more bugs"? I'd say no--but that's because I'm not a huge fan of Creature Features. I like it when a threat has a human face. In my n=1 opinion, Man vs. Nature isn't half as scary as Man vs. Man or Man vs. Self--both of which, in Horror, are actually Man vs. Devil.

11. That's why I would have said, twenty minutes into this movie, that the real villain was the single-minded scientist whose research expedition enables the heretofore isolated arachnids to penetrate human civilisation. He's definitely the type trope who'd put his private aims over the welfare of others.

10. Honestly, though, the lone escapee spider has far more personality. It seems to know exactly what it's doing when it hitches a ride to the United States. Both Charles Darwin and H.G. Wells would be proud.

9. But this South American spider isn't the only character making a big move . . .

07 December 2011


Ending the Year with a Poem

Reverse psychology works so well that sometimes I use it on myself. That's why my best strategy for overcoming blogger's block is to write a post telling my readers not to expect anything new for a while. And then, of course, all the new stuff starts pouring out immediately. I had thought to do something like that to spark my book blogging by announcing that Shredded Cheddar was now a movie blog . . . but it looks as if, with my usual atrocious aim, I turned Shredded Cheddar into a poetry blog instead. LOL!

Still, some blogging is better than no blogging. And if you are a fellow Poetry Player, check out this month's host and schedule:

04 December 2011


Twelve Things about The Road

12. One of the first things my friends and I discussed after seeing this was whether the title fits the film. They didn't think so, but I do. =P

For there is a road in the movie. A haunted road. A haunted road with thematic significance inasmuch as the characters' cars are tied to the imagery of escape and the ghosts in the movie are trapped.

11. In general, "Road Horror" has a lot going for it. The only thing scarier than a haunted house is the haunted great outdoors. You can run out of a building, but where can you go if the way to safety is itself unsafe? Ghosts are more frightening when they can follow you.

As roads are more frightening when
they just lead back to the beginning
. . . over and over and over again.

10. The story itself is all about going back to the beginning. No matter how far forward the viewer goes, he finds himself further back than he expected. (Yeah, that's just my fancy way of saying that the story is told backwards, through several flashbacks, and is constantly looping.)