26 December 2011


The Last Poem . . . of 2011

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And because I'm "honest to a fault," I'll admit the bulk of it was written in 2012. =P (Ah, backdating . . .)

This poem would have been done much earlier, had I not insisted on having the prompts my way this time around--and I had some very definite ideas.

The main image in the question immediately made me think of mountains--and what sealed the deal was a trip back to my Favourite Place on Planet Earth, whether there is a small hill with all the gravitas of Everest. My poem, I promised, would be about Corregidor.

It just took longer to write than I had dared to think . . . but at least it comes with pictures!!!

Word: Magnificent
Question: What am I doing under this blanket?

Magnificent it is, though not a mountain
And once a man-made second womb for night
Where blood and tears were flowing like a fountain
From weeping wounds of war and dynamite

Here hundreds lay awake against its darkness
Sleep as much a distant dream as stars
Shrouded by its silence and its starkness
Beneath a limestone blanket stitched with scars

So strange to walk here as one of the living
A ghost in someone else's early grave
To rise like the sun that goes on giving
And blesses all who come out of this cave

As happy as I am to have finished my poem for December 2011, I feel sad that it doesn't capture everything I feel about Corregidor--and everything Corregidor would mean even if I had never been there to feel it.

If you ever get the chance to visit the Philippines, please do take a day or two to explore Corregidor Island.


christopher said...

I wish I would've. I wasted pretty much every moment I spent there...

Enbrethiliel said...


Don't be so hard on yourself. =) I'm sure somebody . . . somewhere . . . still remembers you as the karaoke legend you are.

There was another Catholic blogger who almost came to the Philippines last year. We were going to meet at long last, too--and then his plans changed at the last minute. (Grrrr!) He said that he would always regret having lived in Asia for nearly a decade and never coming to the Philippines. And I forgave him for "standing me up" because that's punishment enough, you know? ;-)

christopher said...

LOL! karaoke legend, indeed.

Yes, your forgiveness was punishment enough ... (!) :)

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Salome Ellen said...

Well, this is one of the (many, many) places on my list to visit if I ever come into unexpected money. (A v e r y dubious probability...) But I like the poem very much, and the illustrations are an added bonus.

And I LOVE that you backdated all the way to St. Stephen's feast, instead of just settling for the 31st. ;-D

Enbrethiliel said...


Leave it to me to forget the adjusted date! LOL!

Thanks for reading. =) I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a windfall for you! ;-)

Michael said...

Hmmm...all that looks interesting. I might have to expand my agenda when I get to the Philippines later this year. Currently I plan on doing nothing but sitting on a beach and totally vegetating with my kindle, my laptop and a host of cloth bound books.

Planned waste. I love it :P

antiaphrodite said...

Corregidor!! :-D

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, by the way!!!

Enbrethiliel said...


Michael -- So you're coming halfway around the world to do nothing but sit on a beach, read and surf the Internet . . . Some people may judge you for that, but I'm the tolerant sort. =P The activities themselves can be done at home, but there's a different quality to them when they're done somewhere else--and I guess most people don't get that!

And you'd better go to Corregidor!!!

Antiaphrodite -- A very belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you, too!

It doesn't get any better than Corregidor, does it? ;-)