07 December 2011


Ending the Year with a Poem

Reverse psychology works so well that sometimes I use it on myself. That's why my best strategy for overcoming blogger's block is to write a post telling my readers not to expect anything new for a while. And then, of course, all the new stuff starts pouring out immediately. I had thought to do something like that to spark my book blogging by announcing that Shredded Cheddar was now a movie blog . . . but it looks as if, with my usual atrocious aim, I turned Shredded Cheddar into a poetry blog instead. LOL!

Still, some blogging is better than no blogging. And if you are a fellow Poetry Player, check out this month's host and schedule:

Host: Salome Ellen

Deadline for Prompts: 10 December
Linkup for Poems: 21 December
Deadline for Poems: 28 December

I always expect a laggard or two (and I'm almost always right), which is why I wait until the Sunday after the deadline to start mailing the prompts out, but Ellen will be sending everyone his prompts on Saturday. So no dithering this time around, okay? ;-)


love the girls said...

"It seems to know exactly what it's doing when it hitches a ride to the United States. Both Charles Darwin and H.G. Wells would be proud."

Interestingly enough, this is one of those nasty little problems with Darwin's theory. Final cause may be intrinsic to life so that it's impossible to not reference it, nevertheless Darwin's theory denies it.

My favorite spider is the one in the children's book Peter in Blueberry land where it tried to look friendly.

Bob Wallace said...

Reverse psychology works so well you use it on yourself? Then I order you to not slap yourself even sillier than you already are.

Enbrethiliel said...


LTG -- My favourite spider is still Charlotte from the E.B. White novel. I should read more.

Bob -- You're my favourite doofus.