30 November 2011


Poems from the Prompt and the Procrastinating

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Do I suck or what? =P Thanks to the beautiful deception of backdating, anyone who comes across the W&Q will never know how late this poem was posted, but those of you who know the truth may now point and laugh.

My prompts nearly killed me at first, but after I figured out I had to approach them with a sense of humour (rather than a sense of vague insult and paranoia), they were much friendlier to me.

Word: Promptly
Question: Is change what we need?

Oh, hold back the drift of December a moment!
Turn not the last page of November too fast!
Why do we proceed to our deadlines so promptly?
And what do we find when we meet them at last?

Save me some daylight out of your kindness!
Spare the first candle of the new year!
Why do we hurry to have what is promised?
Why can't we linger with what is yet dear?

This poem is practically my life at the moment. You all have no idea. =P

And if you liked it--or even if you didn't--you will love the poems by our more punctual (and in many other ways superior) players . . .

Dylan -- Antiaphrodite -- Ellen -- Your Name Here When You're Done!

One last note . . . I'd love to play again this December, but someone will need to volunteer to host it before Wednesday!


Shaz said...

I couldn't agree more with the sentiments of your poem! I need to stop time for about six months so I can catch up!

dylan said...

I like this a lot. It has balance and rhythm, and I like what it says.

I'm glad, furthermore, that you took the question (which was, as you know, mine!) and DIDN'T make a political poem out of it! The word "change" is bandied about so often by those seeking office that it's difficult to strip the word of its political connotations!

I often compare your poems to those of GKC, but here I see a wee bit of Millay as well -- or maybe Christina Rossetti? And as the poem mentions my two favorite months by name, you get "extra points"!

Enbrethiliel said...


Shaz -- I'm glad you like it! Six months of catch up time sound heavenly to me, too. =)

Dylan -- Politics was the first to come to mind, believe me! ;-) That's definitely another reason my submission took so long.

There probably is some Millay in this, as I've always loved the delicate beauty of her poetry, even if I could not love the woman who wrote it.

Salome Ellen said...

I love the metre of this! And I will host December IF I can have until the 21st instead of the 14th to get mine in. My life this month will make me think of this poem regularly!
(Although I think Dylan should volunteer -- I've done it twice, and he seems to have time on his hands.. ;-D )

Enbrethiliel said...


Sure! Do we start this Wednesday but make the 21st Reveal Day? =)

Salome Ellen said...

Precisely! We're just "slowing down time..." (Don't you wish we could really do that??!!)

Salome Ellen said...

Aaargh! I got distracted and don't know if I actually sent my comment about agreeing to host but "slowing down time" till the 21st. Anyway, I'll do it. Post will go up Wednesday my time.

Enbrethiliel said...


Slowing time down is what my post is all about! I'll have something up this Wednesday, too. =)