21 November 2011


McFly Monday

Why do I love this band so much?
Why, God, why?

It's time to come clean . . . The real reason I haven't been blogging over here that often is that, despite my genius at multitasking, I simply can't type the brilliant posts you come here for and practice the guitar at the same time.

And you can bet I've been practicing the guitar.

I haven't been this dedicated since . . . well . . . since Team Taylor Tuesdays. =P

And my mad love affair with British bands goes on . . .

Having pondered it a bit, I see that it makes perfect sense. Of course my two passions of blogging and guitar would feed into each other. (In fact, a third passion--for teaching--is now plugged in as well! More on that later!) And at a time when I could have neglected my guitar for pursuits that didn't involve lugging about a bulky acoustic instrument, my blogging duties kept me at it. To this day, I can still play all of Taylor Swift's early hits. Huzzah.

Then I dropped Team Taylor Tuesday, and poor Christine started gathering dust.

It wasn't that my life had become completely devoid of music. There were still Duran Duran and Spandau Ballet--and a whole freaking lot of David Bowie--but I wasn't moved to play any of their songs. I just listened, sang along, and danced like a freak alone in my room.

Fast forward to about two months ago, when I discovered this relatively new boy(ish) band called McFly.

Oh, I couldn't get Christine new strings fast enough.

To make a long analysis short(er), this is how I see it: Duran, Spands, Bowie, and of course, The Beatles are all wonderful in ways I can appreciate--but all totally out of my league. Oh, yes, I can play a mediocre cover of Let It Be as well as any hack guitarist out there, and have tried my calloused fingers at Save a Prayer, Ordinary World, True, Space Oddity, and The Man Who Sold the World. But I'm just not on the level it takes to play most of them properly . . . so I don't.

McFly, on the other hand, have got me playing the British blues! (And I'm not too shabby, either.)

It's like the difference between watching a professional sports game with full appreciation for the skills of the players but also the understanding that you could never play in their league . . . and joining an amateur game with players whose skills match your own so that you both complement and challenge each other.

Which is not to say that I'm on the technical level of the McFly band members. But I can play their stuff, have my fun, and sound good doing it. So I do.

Image Source: McFly

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