30 November 2011


Poems from the Prompt and the Procrastinating

w ampersand & rubber stamp letter  q
number 1 7

Do I suck or what? =P Thanks to the beautiful deception of backdating, anyone who comes across the W&Q will never know how late this poem was posted, but those of you who know the truth may now point and laugh.

My prompts nearly killed me at first, but after I figured out I had to approach them with a sense of humour (rather than a sense of vague insult and paranoia), they were much friendlier to me.

22 November 2011


The Right Price at the Right Time

Having been really busy lately (and not just with the guitar), I haven't been doing much reading, browsing in bookstores, or even blogging about books. I actually feel that I don't remember how to do this, so I apologise in advance for the quality of this post.

21 November 2011


McFly Monday

Why do I love this band so much?
Why, God, why?

It's time to come clean . . . The real reason I haven't been blogging over here that often is that, despite my genius at multitasking, I simply can't type the brilliant posts you come here for and practice the guitar at the same time.

And you can bet I've been practicing the guitar.

I haven't been this dedicated since . . . well . . . since Team Taylor Tuesdays. =P

16 November 2011


If Nothing Else This November . . .

letter W Ampersand on a Blue Awning (Washington, DC) q
number 1 number 7

I may not have the mental energy to finish one of my own smackdowns, but there is nothing I want to do more than write another poem.

Who's with me???

(Yes, I know it's really late in the month for this . . . but if we can all promise to get our poems in by 30 November, it should be all right. E-mail me your prompts if you're in!)