12 October 2011


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I guess I've tried everyone's patience enough. (Forgive me, Dylan?)

It has been absurdly difficult to write my October poem. The prompts I was given made me think of salad, and I'm not very inspired by salad. I don't think I'd be done right now if it hadn't been for Bat an unwitting Good Samaritan, whose response to my prompts was a quote which began, "Fuit homo missus a Deo cui nomen erat . . ."

If both your Latin and your Scripture are decent these days, then you already know the nomen. But you can also pretend you don't and try to guess it from the poem . . .

Word: Honey
Question: How loudly does the beloved voice resound?

A whisper in the wilderness
A humming in the honey pot
A sound lost in a locust storm
Everything that noise is not

A cry that carried past a cave
A voice that ventured to a king
A love that lives where words are read
Something I would like to sing

Our more punctual poetry players for October 2011 . . .


Belfry Bat said...

Oh, wow! You said I might laugh, but this is... this is... it's like the Sun glinting off of ripples on water that tell you there's a breeze, out over the deep. Or... or maybe it's more like one of Stillwell's pencil sketches: quiet, but stirring. Maybe?

I certainly didn't have a poetic idea, back when. Well done!

dylan said...

Enbrethiliel -- your dexterity inspires! You have the knack of producing very readable, enticingly unpretentious, simple but not unsurprising verse, which compares favorably to the verse of Gilbert Keith Chesterton! There's a playfulness there, too, that's attractive. I echo Belfry Bat's "Well done!"

Enbrethiliel said...


Bat -- I'm so pleased you like it! As you already know, I whipped this up out of desperation and it seems like a stick drawing next to the more sophisticated sketches that my other poems are.

And a comparison to Stilwell? I am not worthy!

Dylan -- I see we both came up with litanies this month! Your delight in mine is all the reward I need. =)

As for the obvious comparison . . . G.K. Chesterton must be my biggest poetic influence (with Emily Dickinson a distant second), and that's great inasmuch as no one else seems to be trying to write like him and I get to stand out a bit. =P But sometimes I worry that I sound so much like him that I don't actually have a voice of my own.

vvb32 reads said...

hey, that turned out beautiful!
such sounds abound.

here's me: http://vvb32reads.blogspot.com/2011/10/word-and-question-sunshine.html

Enbrethiliel said...


Thanks! =)

Salome Ellen said...

I like it! I DO wish you would tell us why in the world those prompts led to "salad" in your mind... (Prose will do! ;-D )
My poem (which is an unabashed bit of doggerel, no depth) is 95% done on paper. Definitely before Wednesday.

Enbrethiliel said...


It was really just the "honey," Ellen. I had had to do some research on vinaigrettes for an article, and I remember one with cider vinegar, a bit of honey, and even a sprinkling of cinnamon!

And then I ended up twisting myself in knots trying to explain, in verse, why the memory of a beloved voice is like the honey in a cider vinaigrette. =P

I'm so glad Bat had a better suggestion!

Belfry Bat said...

I also enjoyed Dylan's litanies; alas, I can't say so over there, because I'm not a wp user! The litany of reverie particularly evokes its proper weirdness, and also recalls many times I've found myself going through cycles of "oh, I'm dreaming; maybe I should just wake myself up... here we go... um... no, still dreaming..."

Anyways. It's been a fun month, so far!

Salome Ellen said...

OK. Mine is finally up. http://salomeellen.blogspot.com/2011/10/word-and-question-16.html

Enbrethiliel said...


Bat -- There was one time I kept dreaming it was Sunday and that I had to get up to go to morning Mass. My mother witnessed the whole thing. She must have told me about five times that I could go back to sleep; I just kept getting up and walking to the bathroom every ten minutes or so, because of course it only takes ten minutes for Saturday to turn into Sunday. =P

Ellen -- Yay! Thanks for playing this month, Ellen. =D

Laurie said...

Simply glorious.
To me this poem seems decidedly not thin, but rather spacious and a bit open, to the point of vulnerability. Whether or not you are the speaker, the naked hope and wonder conveyed here seems anything but spare.
And I'm so glad that S.E. asked about the word and question conjured "salad" for you, because I too wondered...

Enbrethiliel said...


Thank you, Laurie. I'm astounded and humbled by what you have seen in my poem! I mostly wrote it out of desperation, so I'll always think of it in that light, but I guess I'm no good critic of my own writing.

antiaphrodite said...

It's still October it's still October!! :-D

Word: itinerary

Question: Which one was the bravest bell?

Having learned the itinerary, with every detail
Firmly impressed in my mind
My gaze of course was drawn toward
The corner next to my chamber-door

Along the wall aligned, still and silent,
Were five little bells all in a row

Each one a porcelain dome, with every arc
Delicately balanced, gleaming behind the door
And all motionless and quiet
Never making a sound

Except for one, at the very end
Hidden in the corner

And as I looked at it, with my bleary eyes
It began swinging to and fro
And I gladly smiled, and impressed
The image in my mind

For I wanted, in later days, to remember
The bell that reminded me to begin

So I got up, and went out the chamber-door
Shutting myself out, hearing no farewell but the chimes

I did not think even then that I could ever return
The bell itself will break once I reach the end
I was frightened and
It was hard enough to leave

Enbrethiliel said...


And you got to leave Comment #13 on 31 October! Yay! =D

The story about the bell is sad. =( Unfortunately, that's all I know. Is there a familiar story here that I'm totally missing?

PS--I know I still owe you a poem, too. I'm getting to it, I promise!

antiaphrodite said...

And you got to leave Comment #13 on 31 October! Yay! =D

Yay!!! :-D

Is there a familiar story here that I'm totally missing?

Well, no, no familiar story. I mean, it's not written yet :-)

I know I still owe you a poem, too. I'm getting to it, I promise!

That's fine :-) I'll gladly wait!!! :-D