10 October 2011


ANTM Themed Shoot Smackdown, Intermission
(We're still taking votes for Round 1!)

It's probably not the best idea in the world to call an intermission before we're even halfway through a smackdown, but this blog has to do what this blog has to do.

Let's look at some group shots now . . .

Gondola (Cycle 15) vs. Mud (Cycle 16)

Group shots are tough. A model who really gets the concept might find herself with partners who struggle with it, and so no matter how strong she is individually, she will not produce a strong photo. But when everyone is standing out, there is also the danger of getting lost in the background. It's a little like a competition--a microcosm of ANTM itself (and perhaps the modeling industry in general). Here we have two very different group pictures: one in which the models are elaborately costumed as Venetian courtesans and another in which they are wearing mostly mud.

Which one gets your vote?

Image Sources: a) Cycle 15, b) Cycle 16


Jenny said...

Well, I'm embarrassed to admit it but I'm a ANTM fan so I saw both of these seasons and I have to say, it was funner watching the courtesan photo shoot with the girls freaking and whining about how hot it was.

Enbrethiliel said...


No need to be embarrassed here! =)

I agree that the Venetian courtesan shoot had more behind-the-scenes entertainment value (LOL!), but I loved the elegance of the mud.

lisa :) said...

I like the Venetian costumes and styling much better than the mud, but looking at the photo as a whole, I vote for Mud.

Enbrethiliel said...


Thanks, Lisa! =D

dylan said...


love the girls said...

In both photographs it's really a one person shot with the others models as background accentuating the foremost model.

What I find most interesting is how well the eye moves immediately to the foremost model.

As for preference, while the mud is rather elegant, I vote for the foremost girl who is wearing the mud.

Enbrethiliel said...


Dylan -- Thanks!

And behind that word must be a question . . . The question of when W&Q 16 will be up! =P To that I reply with another word . . . Soon.

(That's not very comforting, is it?)

LTG -- That's an interesting view because there isn't supposed to be a "foremost model." There will, I suppose, inevitably be one girl who catches everyone's eye first, but the goal during the shoot is for everyone to stand out. If you're saying that that's actually an impossible goal, then this challenge is really less about finding a team player (so to speak) than a pack leader. (Of course, this should be no surprise, given that America's Next Top Model is a competition.)

I just have two questions: first, whom would you say is the "foremost girl" in the Mud photo? (I would have said the one with a leg bent under her body--but that's because I watched the episode and know she got the first "call out" for being the best in that shoot.)

Second, who would you say is the foremost girl in the other Gondola picture from the other episode:

Gondola 2