18 September 2011


Blogging by the Numbers

According to everyone who has read a source I'll never be able to cite, it takes 21 days to form a habit. Applications of this include not giving up on your diet or your fast before the twenty-first day--because after you get over that hump, you won't just last 40 days (if you take my meaning), but be able to keep going for as long as you like.

I'm sure this applies to blogging, too. I told myself that as long as I didn't abandon Shredded Cheddar for longer than twenty-one days at a time, I'd always come back to it.

This totally slipped my mind when I decided to take a 31 day break from Locus Focus.

That month-long break ended 14 days ago.
Seen any spotlighted settings lately?

Yeah, neither have I. =(

A few months ago, I said that I would probably retire Locus Focus after Take 99. Yeah, but first I need to get to Take Ninety-Nine! =P

Certain real-life developments means that I'll be "blogging by the numbers" if I want to keep blogging at all.

The Baby-sitters Club Project: If I read all the books I already have, there will be 6 more reviews to write.

The Extraordinarily Cheddary Postmodern Steampunk Challenge: Yes, I remain committed to this challenge, although I'm probably not going to get to the 7 books I have left to read before the end of this year.

Foodie Challenge: I still "owe" 2 books . . . and I can be good for them as long as you extend my credit indefinitely. =P

Retold Fairy Tales and Enchanted Cousins Challenge: I have no excuse because I completely forgot about this. I promised 4 books, but I think I'll only make it to 3. =(

YA of the 80s and 90s Challenge: If all goes well, I'll read 7 more books for this one, too.

Young Detectives: If I want to get up to H (at least!), then there are 5 more books to read.

Notice that all these potential posts have to do with books.

Until I get back into the groove of book blogging, consider Shredded Cheddar a movie blog. =P


Sullivan McPig said...

Good thing I love both books and movies ;-)

Jenny said...

Well, I love your movie posts so I'll still be around. ;)

Lesa said...

You know I like all your topics just don't blog about 'you know what' but I bet you could make even 'that' fascinating.

All of us Mrs. BG gals have been blogging more sporadically too-- and I've basically quit reading and commenting on blogs except for my particular bloggy friends BUT most of my particular bloggy friends are all going on hiatus. Lots of bloggy blues going around, I guess.

Jillian said...

I agree with Lesa - most of my favorites are actually on hiatus too. Weird. I'm on one as well. Hey, maybe when we'll come back around the same time!

Shaz said...

Hey, we all need the occassional change of pace and/or hiatus.

You provided the movies and I'll bring the popcorn. :)

Enbrethiliel said...


Thanks, everyone!

So a bunch of people are on hiatus or semi-hiatus these days? Odd, that!

lisa :) said...

I'm impressed that you have so many challenges up and running in the first place!

And of course, I love your thoughts on movies as well as on books. We all have our seasons of less proliferate blogging so everyone can understand when a hiatus is needed!