26 August 2011


Thirty Movies, One Day, Six Words Each

Six-word memoirs really are handy things, aren't they? I didn't plan to use them in my Tenner of Books I Love Too Much to Review "Properly", but when I tried them out for a bit, they proved the perfect fit. That's why they're back in this post, which is about movies.

I found a 30 Day Movie Challenge on the blog Diversion 2.0 and decided it would make a worthy sequel to the first (and so far only) My Life in Movies post. No, I'm not yet thirty years old . . . but dagnabbit, I like making lists. Especially movie lists. Heck, I've already given myself a rule for making them: No repeats. Once a movie makes one list, it can't make another.

And that's why Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl isn't here. =P Guess which category it would have fit into perfectly?

Yes, there will be more . . . but I'm not going to promise that they'll all also have six-word memoirs!

#1 -- One of Your Favorite Movies
(But Not Your Favorite Favorite)
Hudson had me at "Game over!"

#2 -- A Movie You Hate
(Or Just Plain Really, Really Don't Like)
Problem Child 3
Could defend the others. Not this.

#3 -- A Movie You Watch With Friends
Jim Henson + David Bowie = Epic Magic

#4 -- A Movie That Pleasantly Surprised You
The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian
Everything "wrong" was just so right.

#5 -- A Movie That Disappointed You Terribly
Terminator: Salvation
After seeing it, deliberately got drunk.

#6 -- A Movie from Your Childhood
Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm
Doubles as movie from grandmother's childhood!

#7 -- A Movie from Your Childhood That You Hated
Not its fault. Annoying cousin's favourite.

#8 -- A Movie You Watched on a Date
Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter . . . and Spring
He didn't have your taste, Stilwell.

#9 -- A Drinking Game Movie
Clueless Easily in Top 5 Teen Flicks.
(See my Twelve Things post!)

#10 -- An Action Movie
First Action movie I ever liked.

#11 -- A Comedy
The Odd Couple 2
Never gets old. Just gets funnier.

#12 -- A Romantic Comedy
13 Going on 30
Cute, bubbly, sweet: almost good enough.

#13 -- A Thriller/Horror Movie
The Shining
Reason can't enter bathroom when scared.

#14 -- A Sci-Fi/Fantasy Movie
Conan the Barbarian
DeLaurentiis, Poledouris, Schwarzenegger. Pronounce the greatness.

#15 -- An Indie Film
Still slightly homesick for New Zealand.

#16 -- A Documentary/Biopic
Jonestown: The Life and Death of Peoples Temple
History lessons should always have catharsis.

#17 -- A Musical
Singin' in the Rain
Great Movies without Oscars, Exhibit A

#18 -- An Adaptation of a Book, TV Series, Etc.

The Witches
Sorry, Dahl. Movie creepier than book.

#19 -- A Movie Made before 1967
The Sound of Music
For when my heart is lonely . . .
(See my Locus Focus post!)

#20 -- A Worthy Sequel/Remake/Reboot
Scream 2
Sets the smart bar for sequels.
(See my Twelve Things post!)

#21 -- A Sequel/Remake/Reboot That Wasn't Worth the Celluloid It Was Filmed On
Terminator 3
Because I mayn't repeat (Terminator) movies.

#22 -- A Movie That Made You Cry
Steel Magnolias
I wish they lived next door.

#23 -- A Movie You Walked Out Of
(Or Straight Up Stopped Watching)
The Sweetest Thing
Disgusting, stupid, slutty, shrill, ugly s***.

#24 -- A Movie You Watched for Comfort Food
Catholics know "comfort food" means lembas.

#25 -- A Well-Liked Movie That You Don't Care For

I'd rather watch High School Musical.

#26 -- A Movie You Love That Many Do Not
Without a Paddle
It's not just Seth Green, either.
(See my Twelve Things post!)

#27 -- A Movie You Can Quote Extensively

The Princess Bride
"Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya . . ."

#28 -- A Movie with a Celebrity Crush
Roman Holiday
And Gregory Peck was Catholic, too!

#29 -- The Last Movie You Watched

The A-Team
Fun way to pass two hours.

#30 -- Another Favourite That's Not Your Favourite Movie
Meet Me in St. Louis
So lovely, it needed those nuns.

And we're done! =D

These movie posts require more thought and care than they look--which makes them surprisingly rewarding to put together. I really should try for one a month.

Image Sources: a) Aliens poster, b) Problem Child 3 DVD, c) Labyrinth DVD, d) The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian poster, e) Terminator: Salvation poster, f) Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm poster, g) Dumbo poster, h) Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter . . . and Spring poster, i) Clueless poster, j) Speed poster, k) The Odd Couple 2 poster, l) 13 Going on 30 poster, m) The Shining poster, n) Conan the Barbarian poster, o) Scarfies poster, p) Jonestown: The Life and Death of Peoples Temple poster, q) Singin' in the Rain poster, r) The Witches poster, s) The Sound of Music poster, t) Scream 2 poster, u) Terminator 3 poster, v) Steel Magnolias poster, w) The Sweetest Thing poster, x) Rocky poster, y) Grease poster, z) Without a Paddle poster, aa) Princess Bride poster, ab) Roman Holiday poster, ac) The A-Team poster, ad) Meet Me in St. Louis poster


The Mike said...

Love it! And I'm contractually (my contract as a horror geek, naturally) obliged to mention that Meet Me in St. Louis was one of the key inspirations for....John Carpenter's Halloween. (It's also pretty awesome, but don't tell anyone big manly The Mike said so!) :)

The Mike said...

Oh, and Rocky = <3. But no Tango & Cash? :(

christopher said...

You had me at "Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya..."

Very well done. So tempted to do one now.

Jenny said...

Wait, wait, wait! Why didn't you like Terminator Salvation?!!! :'(

Dumbo scared the crap out of me as a kid. That Pink elephants on parade song??? *shivers*

Wow, High School Musical over Grease? That is bad.

Gregory Peck? Yummy!

Fun, post. I'd have a hard time saying it in only six words.

mrsdarwin said...

I myself couldn't stand Grease, so it's not just you. However, I haven't seen HSM, so I can't make a comparison.

Princess Bride in six words: well played. That's too perfect.

christopher said...

Grease is the word. Beauty school drop-out? Come on, ma'am.

Entropy said...

I'm guessing Curse of the Black Pearl belongs in "Movie with a Celebrity Crush" or maybe "drinking game"--every time he says 'savvy' and/or gets out of trouble?

Enbrethiliel said...


The (Big, Manly) Mike -- I hadn't known that about Meet Me in St. Louis and Halloween! =D Thanks so much for dropping that tidbit!

I used the very first titles that came to mind for each "prompt," and sadly, Tango and Cash (otherwise a huge pleasure) didn't make it. =( But all this means is that it may yet make another list! Stay subscribed!

Christopher -- Is this where I say, "I dare you"? =P

I have no quarrel with the Grease soundtrack. (Of course, I have no quarrel with the New Moon and Eclipse soundtracks, either. LOL!) If it makes you feel any better, I have Frankie Valli on now.

Jenny -- It would take an awfully long time to explain why Terminator: Salvation fell unforgivably flat for me. It had its high points, to be sure, but the ultimate low for me is the decision they make about Marcus in the end. It is as if John Connor himself says, "Meh. This guy's just a ______. Why bother saving him?" That's what I'd expect from the machines, not from the leader of the Resistance.

For Grease, my original plan was to write something neutral like, "Fast-forward through everything but the music" . . . and then I felt a bit playful and decided to slap another sacred cow in the face. =P I do admit that High School Musical will never be in the same musical league as Grease . . . but I'd still prefer to watch it!

Mrs. Darwin -- I wonder what your musical little ones would think of High School Musical. Some of its songs are as catchy as what you'd hear on Phineas and Ferb! =)

And given the prompt for The Princess Bride, I had to borrow Inigo's own six-word memoir. LOL!

Entropy -- Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl is the Movie That Pleasantly Surprised [Me]. A friend suggested we see it, and since there was nothing else better, I decided I might as well . . . It ended up making half my year! (But no, I don't have a crush on Mr. Depp. LOL!)

Jenny said...

Alright, alright, I can understand. The choice with Marcus was frustrating but that's just cause I'm a stupid girl and have a crush on the actor. ;) Still, I was entertained with the whole thing.

Enbrethiliel said...


I should add, for full disclosure, that The Terminator is one of my favourite movies of all time--another one I can quote extensively and have actually written Fan Fiction for. And despite all that, I'm not too crazy about even the stunning Terminator 2! So poor Terminator: Salvation had the deck stacked against it when it came to play for my affections.

Jenny said...

And now...did you see the TV series? I think I'll cry or at least get into a "heated discussion" with you if you hated it...I'm afraid you did. maybe I don't want to know.

Enbrethiliel said...


It would be impossible for me to have hated it because I simply refused to watch it. =P

Is that even worse? LOL! ;-)

Hilde said...

Fabulous post. I'm much too wordy to be able to describe anything in just six words. I haven't seen many of the films on your list, but I'm still surprised the pink elephants scene in Dumbo passed through censorship. And Pirates makes for a great drinking game. Trust me. ;)

Enbrethiliel said...


I'm pretty wordy myself, Hilde, so this post was a real challenge! =)

And I believe everyone who says that Pirates is a great drinking game waiting to happen. The connection to rum alone . . . ;-)

Jenny said...

No, that's OK. If you knew you'd hate it I'm glad you didn't watch it. I liked it but I'm not so well versed in the ways of Terminator so I'm not easily disappointed.

Andrew Testerman said...

Very nice list! I really liked the six-word format; I find that sort of thing rather entertaining. Thanks again for the link!

Enbrethiliel said...


Thanks, Andrew! Both for stopping by and for coming up with the meme in the first place. =)

Have you seen The Mike's list? It's pretty darn epic!