03 August 2011


New Game, New Host!

Tile Letter W & letter Q
number 1 white 5

This August, our host is vvb32 of vvb32 reads! =) She is also hosting her own August Thrills-and-Chills event, which is why the rules are getting another new themed twist this month . . .

Paranormal Activity

Make sure your prompts fit this exciting bill!

Here is our schedule:

3 August -- Start e-mailing vvb32 your prompts
6 August -- Deadline for prompts
8 August -- Check your inbox for the Word and Question you'll be playing with
10 August -- Vvb32 posts her poem and we all link up in her combox
31 August -- Deadline for poems

If you're new to this game, please check out the Playing Poetry page for more details.

And if you didn't get your July poem in on time (or even your June poem in on time!), remember to link it up with the August poems at vvb32's blog.


Jenny said...

I'd be far to intimidated to try this myself, but I went and looked at some of the fun poems. I look forward to your next poem.

Enbrethiliel said...


Thanks, Jenny. =) I hope you do join us one of these months.