22 August 2011


EBooks and Bargains

The past couple of weeks have not been great for this business of blogging about books, and I was going to put it off further until I was feeling fizzy with words and ideas again . . . but I know from experience that you have to find your own fizz.

And so desperate am I to fizz again, that I'm breaking my usual IMM rule of "Only books received through the post" by featuring two books that came to me not through traditional mail, but through electronic mail.

It seems that I have gained some credibility as a book reviewer, after all--and I have been offered not one, but two ebooks for my edification, pleasure and promotion!

What's most challenging is that they are not what I would normally choose to read . . .

A Planet Full of Doofuses is a collection of politically-tinged (yet often humourous!) essays that make up one man's answer to that eternal question of what's wrong with the world. And believe it or not, for all the harping and carping about the world that I do on this blog, it's not my preferred topic. =P

Frog Dell's Junkyard is one of those "talking animals" books you know I love . . . with a twist! This novella was not written for the YA market and so promises to be a bit more edgy. It'll definitely be an unusual read to take me out of the Ethical Animals slump I've found myself in.

The reviews will come soon. =)

If there were a "Method School" of blogging, I'd probably be a tenured professor. I can't tell you how many times I've kept myself in character--that is, in the character of the persona behind whichever is my favourite blog at the time--despite being, practically and technically, "offline." You can disable the DSL, but you can't block the blogging.

As I've said above, however, I haven't really been in book blogging mode lately. That means less reading of books, less thinking about books, less buying of books, and less going out of my way to be around books. (Not that I'm complaining: it's strangely restful.)

This is why this week's bargain book comes to this blog courtesy of two other members of my family . . .

That's my youngest brother, better known to you as Cue-card Boy. He just loves Gordon Ramsay and wants to be a chef when he grows up.

It was my mother who saw Ramsay's Just Desserts marked down 70% at a bookstore that was having a huge sale and she who grabbed it for him. (I'm not so lucky with the bargains: I had to pay full price for Ramsay's memoirs, Roasting in Hell's Kitchen, when Cue-card Boy put it on his wishlist.)

We haven't tried making any of the desserts featured here yet, but I'll definitely blog about it when we do!

Image Source: A Planet Full of Doofuses by Bob Wallace


Paul Stilwell said...

Gordon Ramsey is awesome (when he's not taking the Lord's name in vain). I like Kitchen Nightmares, the way he will practically be jumping when he talks about cooking.

Enbrethiliel said...


I just LOVE Kitchen Nightmares UK!!! (The US version, not so much.) Ramsay clearly cares about the people behind the food as much as he cares about the food itself--which is saying something!

And then there's MasterChef, which is fun, too. I've only seen him in the US version, though. (Cue-card Boy has seen both the US and the Australian versions, and just this evening he said to me, "In Australia, they're all friends, but in the US, they're all enemies." Hahahaha . . .

Hell's Kitchen is my least favourite. There's something so embarrassingly cartoonish about it. I wasn't surprised to learn that so few of the winners have stayed with the prize or even remained in the restaurant industry. I'll bet HK has as much to do with running a real restaurant as the Monopoly board game has to do with actual real estate.

Shannon Young said...

That's such a cute picture of your brother!

I think Gordon Ramsey is my favorite celebrity chef to watch, but I loved reading Anthony Bourdain's Kitchen Confidential.

Shaz said...

Used to love Gordon Ramsey, but now I'm tired of him. He's on BBC America serveral hours a day, making me wonder why they don't just rename it The Gordon Ramsey channel.

And I love the title A Planet Full of Doofuses

mrsdarwin said...

Younger brother is awfully cute. Must run in the family. :)

Enbrethiliel said...


Shannon -- Ramsay isn't much of a writer, so I don't think his book would stand up to Bourdain's . . . but then again, I'm sure he's an amazing storyteller when allowed "to write" with food! ;-)

Shaz -- I know what you mean: he has spread himself very widely (some might say, very thinly)--not only in the media, but also in the international restaurateur scene. I really, really like him, but I'm also getting so used to him these days. It's a double-edged sword, I guess.

Mrs. Darwin -- Thanks! =)

Paul Stilwell said...

I haven't seen MasterChef...I also don't much like Hell's Kitchen. If it's going to be reality tv then the people should at least be real.

"I'll bet HK has as much to do with running a real restaurant as the Monopoly board game has to do with actual real estate."


BTW, speaking of reality tv, have you seen Swamp People? Luv it to pieces.

Lesa said...

Well, a good thing about Shredded Cheddar is that when you aren't into bookblogging you can just blog about movies or whatever else is tickling your fancy. I have so many interests other than books so I enjoy all your posts.

How lucky that you have an aspiring chef in the family! If I was there, I'd offer to be a taste tester. Great BBB-- cookbooks are irrestible!

Enbrethiliel said...


Stilwell -- I've heard of Swamp People, but have yet to see an episode. Of course, if you live blog something, I'll watch with you! ;-)

(Oh, look: there are clips on YouTube. Not whole episodes, though, like Ancient Aliens. =P And that's probably a good, sane cultural marker . . . OMG! Gators! Turtles! Bullfrogs! . . . And now I remember why I'm an American Pickers girl. LOL! But Swamp Pickers does seem like the sort that grows on you when you least expect it.)

Lesa -- That's true! =) But sometimes what tickles my fancy is truly beyond what this blog is all about. =P I'd say the difference is not in topic, but in angle.

And our little chef still has a way to go before he shows Yours Truly up in the kitchen! ;-)