06 July 2011


Dreaming of Prompts and Poems

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Thanks to Salome Ellen, our host for July!

I first learned about Word & Question when I was in grade school, but never found anyone willing to play with me. (Well, not quite: my mother did try. But she didn't quite get the part about the poem answering the question. So after our first game, I didn't force her to play again.) You can imagine I brought the game up at every birthday party, slumber party or boring afternoon that ever came up . . . to no avail. Some people just don't think playing with words is fun. =(

Little did I know that there was such a thing as the Internet that would enable me to play W&Q someday with friends from all over the world. I'm so glad that time has finally come!

So thanks to everyone who joins up whenever he or she can. I just wanted you to know that our blog-based friendship managed to make one of my dreams come true.

(Gosh, did I just get sappy on all of you? Ewwww . . . My apologies!)

Three Things:

1) If you haven't made read all the June poems yet . . . I hope you take the chance to do so before sending your prompts in for July. I've edited my W&Q13 post so that you can find the links at the bottom of my post instead of hunting for them in the combox. (You're welcome! But I really should have done it earlier, you know?)

2) If you have no idea what this game is about . . . read all about it on this blog's Poetry page. (It's fun! I swear!)

3) If you'd really like to join this month's game . . . take note of our schedule:

8 July -- Deadline for prompts
10 July -- Expect your new prompts from Ellen
13 July -- Ellen posts her poem and we all link up in the combox
27 July -- Deadline for poems

We all hope to try your prompts and read your poems later this month! =)


Lesa said...

The bloggy/social media world is amazing for connecting with likeminded people, isn't it. Sappy or not, you've found your poetry peeps! Yay!!

Enbrethiliel said...


So true, Lesa! =D