26 June 2011


Locus Focus: No Take

Right now you're wondering where yesterday's Locus Focus post is. As soon as I figure it out, I'll let you know! But even without looking, I'm willing to bet my whole blog that it's buried under the big heap of reality that came crashing down on my shoulders a few days ago. =/

UPDATE: Here it is! =P Locus Focus: Take Fifty-Seven. Enjoy! LOL!

If you had a "Foreign Shores" setting of your own all ready to publish, I apologise for yoking your neatly worked out schedule to my own shot-to-heck one. Since I do want to write one more Locus Focus post for a June Giveaway book, I'm extending the theme to next Saturday.

As for the rest of July, I'm pretty set on Island Settings. No cheesy name for them yet, but I'm willing to take suggestions. Sounds good, I hope? =)

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