04 May 2011


May the Fourth Be with Your Prompts!
(Get it???)

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Would you believe I almost forgot about this month's game? =P

And now some of you are wondering, "What game?" In that case, I invite you to check out the Word & Question page to find our more about it and encourage you to submit prompts for May so you can have a piece of the fun. =)

This month's schedule (which few people adhere to with any strictness, anyway):

7 May -- Deadline for prompts
8 May -- Check your inbox for new prompts
11 May -- Lindsay posts her poem and we all start joining in
25 May -- Deadline for poems . . . but we let you submit late in exchange for taking a turn as the host! ;-)

I hope to see both old players and new ones next week! =)


vvb32 reads said...

sounds like fun. i'll give it a try this month ;-D

Enbrethiliel said...


It's so wonderful to have a new player! =D I hope Lindsay got your prompts in time. Thanks for joining us!