22 May 2011


Behold the Badges: Ethical Animals

Click on the first link to see more of Lucia's work. All her badges are very cute--but more importantly, they all capture the attitude of the blog or meme they were created for.

When I asked Lucia to make the "Ethical Animals" badge for me, I told her I wanted three things:

a) animals that were reading
b) at least one mouse
c) no "cartoon" animals, please

A few days later, she sent me a selection of designs--a mix of "real" and "cartoon" animals, not all of which were mice--saying that she thought I might like to look the latter over, anyway. And sure enough, despite the fact that the animal readers are both cartoony and obviously lacking a mouse, they turned out to be exactly what I wanted for my feature. (And who knows? They could be reading about a mouse.)

The Ethical Animals Reading Celebration
(Not to be confused with a Reading Challenge)

I actually thought of doing "Ethical Animals" before I came up with "Young Detectives", because of all the books with "talking animals" that I like to read.

Sometimes the animals don't even have to talk. I'm just happy seeing them there.

So "Ethical Animals" is neither a Reading Challenge nor a Reading Project, but a Reading Celebration. I won't set aside one day a week to write purposefully about an ethical animal from my reading; but whenever I feature a book (or even a movie or TV show) with such a character, I'll add a special discussion to the end of the post.

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Holly said...

Love the badges! After I read your post I kept trying to think when the last time was I read a book featuring an ethical animal-one of the Redwall books maybe? I dunno. Maybe its time again :)

Enbrethiliel said...


Thanks, Holly. =)

I'm actually in the middle of another Redwall book: Mattimeo. Got to love those warrior mice! ;-)

Sullivan McPig said...

Great badges!
And animals are always fun to talk about so looking forward to your first discussionpost.

Laurie said...

That's great: I would love to participate if you offer it as some sort of linky. I too read many books with animal characters, most recently Beatrice & Virgil by Yann Martel, Stolen by Lucy Christopher, and Bright's Passage by Josh Ritter.
Does your designer charge for the badges?

Birdie said...

They are fabulous!!
I actually don't think of them as "cartoony"...I guess because it's a more realistic style of illustration.

Thanks for the shout-out!
You are made of awesome.

Now I'll have to add a book or two with ethical animals to my reading list for the year. I'm sure I'll find some in the children's challenge :)

Enbrethiliel said...


Sully -- While my love for "ethical animals" preceded our meeting, I thought of you while I was setting up this feature. ;-)

Laurie -- I'd love to make this a regular feature with a linky, but scheduling will be a bit of a problem, too. My week can get really full, and I'm already hosting one weekly meme, Locus Focus, which is quite a bit of "work" for a hobby. (LOL!) That's why I'm just integrating it into the sort of posts I usually write, anyway.

But if you're really interested, we could brainstorm something. =) Right now, I have the idea for a monthly "carnival" in which everyone can link up the Ethical Animals posts they did over the last thirty days or so. What do you think?

My designer, Lucia, is still starting out; and before I commissioned her, I think she had only done badges for friends. So she determines the price on a case-to-case basis instead of having a set rate.

Birdie -- That's a good point about the illustrations. =) On the other hand, if the animals in the badge looked something like Perry the Platypus, I wouldn't have been so happy about it. LOL!

Jillian said...

Love the badge! It is definitely you :)

I have never heard you talk about this 'celebration' before - unless I wasn't paying attention and I missed it? What is it about? Would love to know more about it.

Shaz said...

I love that you're making this a celebration and not a challenge!

I've never participated in a reading challenge because, quite frankly,I've already got enough challenges in my life.
But I'm always up for a celebration.

And I like the badges.

Enbrethiliel said...


Jillian -- You didn't miss anything! Unlike Locus Focus, which I planned as publicly as possible, Ethical Animals was intended to be a surprise. ;-)

But now that it's public and people are actually expressing interest (which I didn't expect), does that mean that we're brainstorming together? =) When I thought no one else would care, the height of my ambition was to add an extra discussion point to every Reading Diary entry I wrote for a "Talking Animal" book. I'm not sure how everyone else will want to celebrate!

Shaz -- I'm up to my own neck in challenges, so I certainly didn't want another one! Of course, I'll probably end up reading more "Ethical Animals" books than titles I've actually committed to for a challenge. Go figure. ;-)

Lesa said...

Such a cute badge and like Birdie, I don't think of them as cartoony either.

I read animal books too so maybe I can add to the discussion as well. It is ok if the animals talk to each other but not to people?

Enbrethiliel said...


Any books with animals as characters are welcome! =) Heck, when I first thought of this celebration, I wanted to feature (eventually) a non-fiction book about a biologist's pet owl! LOL! He didn't talk at all, but he played a big part in her life and was a real character. =)