13 April 2011


Wednesday Night Trailer: "It's Indestructable! It's Indescribable! Nothing Can Stop It!"

And now for the real star of B-week . . .

It's not the best trailer available,
but unlike the superior one, it's embeddable.

You know, if there were a face-off between Skynet's most advanced Terminator and the Blob . . . the Blob would probably win.


Some of you already know that I'm doing this live blog for my "Monsters and Alien" Movie Challenge. It is the second movie on my list and possibly the last live blog. (Unless the other films get uploaded to YouTube, I'll be watching them on my own and writing "Twelve Things" reviews.)

Now, the first movie I watched for this challenge was Attack of the 50 Foot Woman. While the live blog was a technical fail and the movie itself was mediocre, I'm still happy I watched it, because it seems to share a common theme with The Blob!

What do you do when people are in danger and you have to warn them, but your story is so ridiculous that nobody believes you and even you are embarrassed to hear yourself tell it???

Of course, Steve McQueen and the supporting "cast of exciting young people" (ROFL!!!) in The Blob are facing a greater threat than an imploding love triangle and a furious woman scorned. So this movie should be much, much better.

See you on Friday! =D


Paul Stilwell said...

I remember catching it on the space channel once, and finding it awful, yet I just couldn't stop watching.

Enbrethiliel said...


Oh, gosh. I know exactly what you mean. I'm halfway in, it's pretty bad, and yet I know I'd watch it again.