26 April 2011


Happy Easter! Oh, Look! A Poem!

letter W DSCN5686 Q

Tomorrow is the deadline for all W&Q 11 poems, and I'm happy to be one day shy of that, if not perfectly punctual.

Remember that our May host is the lovely Lindsay of Very Sleepy People. New players are always welcome and old players suffer only the tiniest bit of bullying peer pressure to post their poems on time (Right, Bat and Stilwell? LOL!), so please check out the rules of the game and consider joining us! =)

Word: Telegraph
Question: How long has it been since you were here?

How did you know I had returned?
-- I doubt that I sent word.

I was to sneak up as the spring
-- cryptic as a bird.

It must have been a bold alert
-- a tattling little tweet.

A telegraph to all at once
-- death to the discreet.

I miss my world of wait and see
-- of seasons past and due.

I did not feel I was at home
-- until I saw you.

Can you guess which poet I've been thinking a lot of lately? ;-)

I'd say reading a lot of . . . but what I was really doing was flooring myself by quoting several of my favourites from this poet's ouvre completely from memory. I hadn't known I still had them there!


dylan said...

I detect a wee bit of Dickinson in the meter! But yours is lighter and more mischievous! (although Emily could be plenty mischievous at times...) Would I be way off-track if I also discerned traces of Cummings and of José García Villa?

There's playfulness here! I like it a lot!

Enbrethiliel said...


It's dear old Emily! I tried to be as true to her style as I could, but that intention pretty much deteriorated after the first four lines.

I'm actually approaching a new appreciation of Cummings ("cummings"?), so that might have worked its way in. No Villa in this, though--which is kind of sad to admit. =P

Thanks for reading, Dylan! =)

Sullivan McPig said...

I would have guessed Dickinson as well. Very good job once again!

Enbrethiliel said...


Thanks, Sully! =) If you're up to it, we'd be glad to play with you again next month.

Paul Stilwell said...

A compact poem, the ending of which is fused in a nice way back to the beginning it seems. So much said with such modesty here.

A friend and I in art class in high school were dubbed by one of the art teachers, "Slow and Slower". I don't know which of us was "Slower" but I fear it was me.

Enbrethiliel said...


Thanks, Stilwell. =)

I was also going for a connection--or more of an opposition--between the cryptic bird and the tattling tweet.

Ah, I'll bet you alternated. Whoever was "Slow" one week was "Slower" the next week. At least there wasn't a third to be the superlative partner! =P

Salome Ellen said...

So I didn't get around to posting until today -- quite late. And I somehow missed commenting when this went up. (As I remember, I left the comment window open for two days, and then got busy with other things.) Anyway, I like this a lot. Terse, rhyming, structured -- what's not to love?

Enbrethiliel said...


Oh, you leave windows open (or saved) for days, too? I'm glad to know I'm not alone in that! =P

Thanks for your feedback about my poem. =) Don't worry too much about hosting duties. They're a breeze! And as lovely as it is to be surprised by your prompts, it's another kind of fun to see all the prompts in advance. One is kid-on-Christmas-morning fun and the other is elf-in-Santa's-workshop fun. =D

Dauvit Balfour said...

I like the fourth and last pairs the best. Being non-literate (which is different from illiterate) I couldn't spot the other poet. Also, I keep wanting to read "discrete" instead of "discreet". Shame on me.

My word, you got. I liked its use.

Enbrethiliel said...


You're not alone! I kept writing "discrete" and having to fix my own spelling.

If someone were reading it aloud, the word would obviously be discreet, but I wonder how the poem would sound to someone for whom discrete is equally obvious. =P

Thanks for the word. It came with many interesting possibilities.