16 March 2011


Wednesday Night Trailer: "You've Got to Believe Me! It Was . . . Thirty Feet Tall!"

Remember that "Monsters and Alien" Movie Challenge I set for myself?

I'm about to make good on the promise and start my first movie!

And also as promised, I'm doing it with a live blog! =D Please come back and watch it with me this Friday night. There is so much about this movie to discuss!

(Full disclosure: I've already written most of Friday's post. I started it early because I wasn't sure whether I'd be able to do a live live blog as I did last month with The Nanny--and that turned out to be a good thing because the audio and video get out of sync for over twenty minutes of the movie! But don't worry. I'm a good movie party hostess and I have you covered as well as I can!)


Syrin said...

You may have already seen it, but my review is up! :) I'll be back here on Friday to see what you thought.

Bob Wallace said...

You might next want to try "The Brain from the Planet Arous." You'll has a field day with that one...

Enbrethiliel said...


Syrin -- Great! I did see it but wanted to wait until I was done with the live blog to comment. =)

Bob -- I'll bet. =P It's not on my "Monsters and Alien" Challenge list, but if it's on YouTube, I'll probably get to it sooner or later.