14 March 2011


These Dreams: I Just Got Inceptioned! (Okay, Not Really . . .)

So . . . did you watch the Oscars last month?

I did, after several years of self-righteously boycotting it.
(What was I trying to prove, anyway?)

Perhaps, as a member of the "younger demographic," I was subconsciously, therefore inexorably drawn to the live telecast hosted by the hip and pretty team of Anne Hathaway and James Franco? If so, that doesn't explain why I kept watching after the complete absence of chemistry that was the opening montage . . .

I don't know why I never live blogged that slippery slope of ironic doom. (Especially when it inspires such strong language!)

It was just the beginning, too. As the show progressed, it was clear that Hathaway, while charming, was not funny, while Franco, who was sometimes funny, was not all there. (Seriously, the man was stoned.) Then some producer who must secretly hate them gave former host Billy Crystal a guest spot and brought in a holograph of Bob Hope, another former host. For the contrast, you know. Factor in former host Alec Baldwin from the montage . . . It's all just too cruel.

The only reason I bring it up now--and embed a poor quality video of the aforementioned montage--is that I dreamed about it.

Well, of course I did. Not only is it all about dreams, but it also has a freaking time machine in it. Not just any time machine, children, but a DeLorean. And not just any DeLorean, but the DeLorean. You know, from the Back to the Future trilogy. My subconscious--the sneaky operator--just lapped it all up.

And sure enough, just the other night, I dreamed that I was back in the 80s . . . but also my current age, not any of my 80s ages . . . and that an incredibly friendly Anne Hathaway was trying to set me up with a so-not-stoned James Franco. And you know what? I think he really liked me, too! (Squeeeee!)

It was as good as a brainwashing. I am now ready to shout from the rooftops that the 2011 Oscars was the best show in the history of the live telecast. Because it was.

Don't argue with a dreamer now.

Image Source: Anne Hathaway and James Franco Host the Oscars


Lesa said...

What a fun dream! Sounds way better than the Oscars.

Are you a Freaks and Geeks fan? That was the best show and spot on-- I always think of it whenever I see Franco or any of the actors from F&G.

Sullivan McPig said...

You're a stylish blogger:

lisa :) said...

I didn't watch the Oscars, but your dream does sound better than the show!

Enbrethiliel said...


Lesa -- Oh, it was great! =D

I don't think Freaks and Geeks was syndicated over here. Luckily, there are some episodes on YouTube, so I can see what I've missed!

Sully -- Thanks!

Lisa -- Better for me, at least. I'm sure it's entertainment value for everyone else would be pretty low. LOL!