28 March 2011


The Series Saga Continues

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The last time I joined Bargain Book Bonanza (See A Series of Bargains), I shared a vlog in which I showed off several series which I started after finding used or marked-down copies of their respective first books. Now I wonder whether featuring them all in one go was such a good idea.

I mean, a savvier blogger would have pulled several vlogs out of that--one for each series. =P

But never mind that now. Let me bring back some books you have already seen because I found another one to add to their number. Two weeks ago, I had only four; today, I have five!

One of these books is not like the other!
One of these books just doesn't belong!
Can you tell which book is not like the other
By the time I finish this "song"?

There are at least two ways to answer that question. Let's start with the most obvious one . . .

I suppose the first thing most people would notice are the cover designs. Here is the same book done in all three styles.

Encyclopedia Brown No. 10

The edition on the left has illustrations by Eric Velasquez, whose style you might remember from the You Be the Jury books--the 1990s' answer to Donald J. Sobol's classic series. Note, however, that while You Be the Jury is a Scholastics line, the Velasquez-illustrated Encyclopedia Brown books were published by Bantam. That's significant because Scholastic has its own Encyclopedia Brown covers done by another artist. (Dizzy yet? LOL!)

In the middle is one of the Yearling covers, which are (unless I'm mistaken) the first to use child models. They started coming out in 2002 and must have been a refreshing change. (Another note: the first boy to represent our Boy Detective was not this model--whose name I can't find--but the former child actor Scott Bremner, who was cast as "E.B. Brown" in the D.J. MacHale TV series. Oh, the useless things you learn from me . . .)

It didn't take long for a fourth publisher (because we're counting good old Scholastic) to try for a slice of the pie. Puffin hired illustrator James Bernardin to do the covers. These are the latest designs, and therefore the least retro.

(The funniest part is that all these editions still contain the original illustrations from when Encyclopedia Brown first came out in the 1960s, all books published by Thomas Nelson. ROFL!)

And now that I've said all that, you're probably guessing that the book which is not like the other books is the one in the middle, Encyclopedia Brown and the Case of the Dead Eagles, if only because it is the only one without a companion from its own "generation."

On the other hand, if you kept your head and remembered that this is a Bargain Book Bonanza post, you'd know that that isn't the right answer.

See the four books with price labels on the front of the covers? I got those from the used bookstore. The only title I bought new has its tag on the back.

Which makes the answer to my sung question the book in the bottom left of the picture:

Encyclopedia Brown and the Case of the Secret Pitch

Thanks for playing! =D

Image Sources: a) Encyclopedia Brown No. 10 cover illustration by Eric Velasquez, b) Encyclopedia Brown No. 10 cover photo by Michael Frost, c) Encyclopedia Brown No. 10 cover illustration by James Bernardin


lisa :) said...

I love how you made this into a guessing game! I was such an Encyclopedia Brown addict when I was young - loved the books AND the show!

You mentioned that the child model covers were from 2002, but the wasn't the show from the late 80's? Or did they use publicity shots from the show as the covers?

Fun feature and thanks for bringing this lovely series back to my mind!

Enbrethiliel said...


Well, what better way to show off Encyclopedia Brown books than with a guessing game? ;-)

Yes, the show premiered in 1989--so the actor and the model aren't the same boy. =) I'm sorry that my post was confusing on that note, and I've already edited it so that it's clearer.

Lesa said...

Too funny-- when you posted your vlog, I actually thought: 'Oh no, she's using up all her bargains at once!'

Fun post-- I haven't read any Encyclopedia Brown but the changing covers reminds me of the Three Investigators Series-- its covers change with the decades too.

No, I didn't keep my head-- I didn't even see the price tags till you pointed them out. Guess I wouldn't make that great of a detective.

Thanks for joining BBB again!

Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy said...


You know what, I haven't ever read even one Enclyclopedia Brown book. I'd better get busy, I do think!

Thanks so much for stopping by to visit today, and giving me comfort about my lost book reports. They were short, so it's okay.

I love your BBB post; this week and the week before last. I'm glad that we got to see the whole video; your brother in his mask was hilarious.

I keep thinking that I am going to run out of stuff to post too, but instead I am thinking up some pretty neat things. I really like this meme a lot.

See you next week, if not before!

Kathy M.

Enbrethiliel said...


Lesa -- LOL! Great minds really do think alike. This isn't the first time we've had the same ideas, you know. ;-)

But I was thinking about BBB and how different all my posts have been, so far; and the conclusion I drew is that there's something about this meme that inspires me to be more creative than I usually am. And I guess it's true for everyone else, because every BBB post I've read has been a unique expression of the participant's personality. (I think this is where Locus Focus kind of bogs down. My own love of books has a strong academic/analytic streak, and that's what comes out in my own meme--but not all book lovers approach books in the same way. And if you look at the two most regular participants, you'll see that they're postgrad English majors. LOL!)

Kathy -- I've found that my best posts come after I've concluded that I've said everything I could possibly say about something, and then a new idea suddenly comes. BBB is good for bringing me to that point, and I'm glad to see that it's true for you, too. =) Thanks for the return visit!

Lesa said...

Kathy: I'm so glad you are enjoying BBB!

E: It isn't BBB, you are always creative!

Yes, everyone's BBB posts are so different from each others-- I noticed it too. Makes it much more interesting than the other bookhaul linky parties.

It hurts my brain to analyze a book too much but I always loved literature lectures so I like your academic/analytic streak.

My captcha is 'viral'-- maybe a good sign for our memes!


Enbrethiliel said...


Thanks, Lesa! =) And let's hope that captcha does prove a good omen!

*fingers crossed*