15 March 2011


A Series of Bargains

Join us at Mrs. Baja Greenawalt's Cozy Book Nook
for another week of bargain books bragging rights!

You know that reasoning that bargains don't really save you money if you end up buying something more than you needed in the first place?

Oh, don't I know it well . . . =P

For this week's Bargain Books Bonanza post, I want to show off books which are part of a series. Now, since I have a rule (which, yes, I occasionally break) about reading a series in order, I could theoretically save lots of money by never buying the first books of series at all. And when they are as ridiculously overpriced as new books are these days, that kind of thrift is easy.

It's when the "bargain" books enter the arena that everything gets interesting . . .

I'm really sorry about the bad lighting. My work schedule and my brother's school schedule meant that we couldn't film this during daylight hours.

If this post were a sandwich, the vlog would be the ham, the cheese and the mayo. (I get to be the Cheese. You may vote on which of my brothers is the bigger Ham.)

Now, I haven't just served you an open-faced sandwich. Here is a nice, slightly-toasted thought to cap your reading . . .

Before filming, when I was laying all the books out on the dining room table (including some which I ultimately chose not to feature) and explaining that the best thing about buying bargain books is that one gets to save a lot of money, Cue Card Boy remarked:

"Do you realise how much more money you would have saved if you hadn't bought any of these?"

ROFL!!! Yes, I do, Cue Card Boy! Series books at bargain prices are always a double-edged sword.


Lesa said...

Thanks for joining BBB again! Can't wait to see the vlog but it isn't playing. Bet the youtube setting is on private instead of public. Please check it-- your public is waiting on tenterhooks.

Oh yes, I alwsys spend money to save money!! hahaha

Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy said...

Oh, man, I did that without even knowing ... bought those Vol. 1 and 2 of the red vintage dictionaries and didn't even know there was a 3 until it was pointed out last week. I have no idea on where to look for #3, but it will bug me forever.

It says you video is set on "Private Viewing Only" right now. I'll check back later; it looks like a winner.

Best and God bless,

Enbrethiliel said...


Lesa -- Yes, it was set to private. *blush* But that was because I embedded the wrong video; so I'm kind of glad nobody could see it, because it would have been really confusing. =P

Okay, it's all right now!

Kathy -- Oh, that would drive me nuts, too! Before I was born, someone in my family bought a four-book reference set about growing up and relationships. By the time I was old enough to read it, Volume 2 had gone missing! I still wonder about it sometimes. Was it borrowed by a friend who found it so good he never returned it? If so, why didn't he take the rest of the set as well? Or was it just prosaically left behind at some hotel during a road trip? No one was ever able to tell me . . .

Carolina Valdez Miller said...

Ha! Your brother is so funny with that mask. You're pretty funny, too. All three of you should do a vlog sometimes, although I suppose someone has to man the camera!

Encyclopedia Brown was one of the first books I ever read in English, and my first foray into the love of reading. I used to devour those books, although I normally got them from the library! Nowadays, I spend WAY too much money on books.

Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy said...

Your video is so funny!!! I laughed out loud ... I'm going to add your link onto my blog post so others can see it. I love your little brother's mask. This whole thing was great. I can't wait to really dig into your blog.

My favorite class in school was Children's Lit ... so I think that I would probably like reading whatever you recommend.

Thanks so much for your great comments, and for checking out my Mom Cave too.

Best and God bless,

Lesa said...

Hahahahahh-- the wrong video-- bloggy blunders are easy to make, aren't they. Do you ever wake in the middle of the night with a bloggy typo dancing in your head? I do.

Cool vlog and what a haul! I've never read any of those but I plan to read the Prydain series sometime. I'm really into reading Newberry winners and honor books.

Sheila said...

You guys are hilarious! Love this!

Enbrethiliel said...


Carol -- Thanks for watching! My brother appreciates it even more than I do! LOL!

Incidentally, I've used Encyclopedia Brown stories in my ESL classes. He's not always a hit, but Donald J. Sobol's books are often some of my students' first foray into the love of reading in English. =)

Kathy -- That's very kind of you. Thanks! Most of my bargain books are for children, aren't they? Hmmmm. I'm sure I have grown up stuff to show off as well. But those will have to wait until my next BBB!

Lesa -- Oh, that happens to me a lot, too!!! And I can't wait until the next time I can get online to fix it!

It looks like a huge haul, I know, but it took me several years to accumulate all those books. So you're really looking at a bunch of mini-hauls. =P

Sheila -- Thanks. I'll tell my brother he has another fan. ;-)