22 February 2011


Tutor Tales, Volume 28

Remember when I started blogging these "Tutor Tales" and they were the most hilarious feature on this blog?

Yeah, I miss Doctor Nemesis, too. =(

He might have been a tutee from hell, but boy, was he entertaining. When I was still working at XYZ Tutorial Centre, the first thing all the other tutees said to me when they saw me was, "Will Doctor Nemesis be in today?" The boy was the human equivalent of train wreck: you had to stop what you were doing and just watch him. I think that's part of the reason my former boss is relieved his mother made other tutoring arrangements for him.

There hasn't been anyone remotely like him since, which makes the sporadic "Tutees say the darndest things!" moments that I get these days just as precious. This week's story comes courtesy of Scrap Metal, who is studying all sorts of celebrations in Filipino class.

Scrappy knew all about birthdays (kaarawan) and baptisms (binyag), but weddings (kasalan) gave him some real trouble.

We traditionally learn about weddings from our parents, but Scrappy's mother and father are separated. And for all the TV he gets to watch, he has never seen a Disney princess have her happily-ever-after ending with her Disney prince.

I'm not my best when I have to tread lightly and explain things from the very beginning--and after five minutes of that, he was obviously feeling as frustrated as I was . . . but we did get there in the end.

I know we did because at the end of the hour, as we were both winding down, I got the idea to show him the book I am currently reading, just to see whether he knew his vampires . . .

Scrappy took one look at Bela Lugosi and Helen Chandler, and cried out triumphantly . . . "Kasalan!"


Well, if it's not a birthday, not a baptism, and not a cultural holiday, then it must be a wedding! =P

Image Sources: a) Portrait of Giovanni Arnolfini and His Wife by Jan Van Eyck, b) Dracula by Bram Stoker


Syrin said...

Well he could be making her one of his brides, couldn't he? ;)

Lesa said...

funny! I do see his logic though-- it could be a carrying over the threshold in an eerie sort of way.

Enbrethiliel said...


Syrin -- Quite! I wish I had asked him what he thought of the groom. =P If we didn't know he was Dracula or even who Dracula is, would we assume he was just a dour groom about to lose his temper with a bride who doesn't see what the big deal is? It's so hard to un-see what we already see, isn't it?

Lesa -- One of my aunts told me that when I was really little, I saw a picture of Boy George in a magazine and said that he needed to see a doctor! She said wasn't sure how I had reached that conclusion, but her best guess was that Boy George's pose with his hands around his head but not quite touching it made me assume he had an awful headache. And when I was a child, I actually had a lot of headaches--in a manner of speaking--that I had to see a doctor for.