12 January 2011


New Year, New Prompts, New Poems

Caslon metal type letter W & letter Q
speed limit 8 knots
New to "Word & Question"?
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Whenever I put out the first W&P post of the month, I feel like I'm deploying a bright bat signal into the murky night . . .

Please take note of the following dates:

14 January == The deadline for entries
16 January == When you get your prompts for the game
19 January == My poem goes up and we can all start linking
26 January == The deadline for poems

Regular players might have noticed that we're still missing one December poem. I'm sure our lost player has a very good reason (and I happen to know she had a diabolical word--the one I submitted, mea culpa!), so I'm not going to chase her down. But I think it's reasonable to have a new rule that one can't join a new game until one has published and linked up the poem to the last game. Okay? =)

And as a corollary to that: after the new "bat signal" post has come up, any late poems have to be linked up in the combox for the new game rather than the old one.

In case I haven't been clear--because I've been feeling like Luna Lovegood all day--just drop a query in the combox!

And if you're interested in hosting February's game, that'll be an even more welcome comment to leave! ;-)

Image Source: Bat Signal


Dauvit Balfour said...

Robin, to the Batmobile!

Of course I'm in. Also, I will give preference to anyone who hasn't hosted yet *glances at Bat, Dylan, and Lindsay* but if there are no other takers, I will play host again. I like playing host (as opposed to playing house).

Belfry Bat said...

Ahem, that's two poems... I'm not having a good month for inspiration, let's say. Can't complain about my prompts --- it's just all my ideas refuse to gel. It's like I'm Meg making her first blackcurrant jelly. Needs more pectin...

Lesa said...

This is a fun feature even though I'm too poetry challenged to participate.

Poetry people's brains must be wired differently-- and all ya'lls poems seem amazing to me!

Tracy & DeLynne read poetry on purpose so I sent them a link-- I know they would enjoy but don't know if they have time.

I also posted a link on the FB bookgroup-- you never know where poetry people might be lurking!

Enbrethiliel said...


Dauvit: If no one else volunteers for the honour, Dauvit, you can take a second turn. =)

Bat: Oh, how careless of me! =S I guess we're more aware of missing poems when we're still waiting for our prompts to appear?

Good luck getting inspired this month, Bat!

Lesa: Thanks for your support! It would be nice to find a new player or two, although I have to say that I'm more than happy with the regulars. =)

J said...

Mssr. Balfour has repeatedly insisted that I join you in your poetic escapades, and this time he was kind enough to notify me before the deadline. Therefore I shall ponder up a submission shortly.

Enbrethiliel said...


Thanks, J!

Here are the people whose prompts I've already received:

"Mssr. Balfour" (LOL!), Lindsay, Dylan, and J.

And of course, we can expect two extra poems this month as well. =)

Salome Ellen said...

I know who you're talking to .... :-/ And it STILL won't make a poem. The word is not the problem, either; I knew what the thing was about instantly. But it won't "fit." (Maybe this is a sign that I need to look outside my preferred styles??) Anyway, I will do my darndest to get SOMETHING up in short order.

Salome Ellen said...

Apparently confession is good for the soul of the poet! It ain't great, but it came off in one sitting. http://salomeellen.blogspot.com/2011/01/word-and-question-78.html