28 December 2010


Twelve Things about Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot

12. Last year, on Los Inocentes, I featured a Top 5 List that I thought perfectly captured the spirit of this feast day: My Top 5 Action Star Au Pairs. This year, I'm going in the opposite direction, age-wise.

Arnold Schwarzenegger having closed the decade of the Biggest, Baddest Action Heroes Ever with his tongue firmly in his cheek (Forgive me as I plug the Kindergarten Cop live blog yet again), his good pal Sylvester Stallone decided to sail into the next decade with his own good natured poke at the Action star figure. If there is anything which can hinder a tough guy more than an kindergartener, it's a senior citizen. (LOL!!!)

11. "Buddy Movies" are like Romance novels. We know that the mismatched duo is going to have a genre-appropriate happy ending (in this case, by bringing the baddies to justice), but that doesn't stop us from wanting to watch every squabble along the way. One day, my Buddy Movie IQ will be high enough for me to make another Top 5 List; in the meantime, I'm already quite sure that this pairing of the cop who always gets his man and the mother who always knows best would make it.

10. Now, as hilarious as it is, notice that there have been no other attempts at the formula--or even a sequel. The first reason is that there is only so much interference any of us can bear from our parents. (Indeed, the humour on this one is borderline excruciating.)

The second reason is that this isn't a "standard" formula: the roles are potentially so annoying that they require the casting of actors the audience already loves and respects. Stallone and Estelle Getty were golden together (if you don't mind the pun!), and as a mother-son team, they will probably never have an equal.

9. Truly, casting "Sophia" was simply inspired. She's got a gift for snappy one-liners.

"Go ahead . . . make your bed!" is cute . . . but only funny the first time.

"I'll be back!" is better. There's something about a little old lady saying Ahnuld's most famous line and meaning it that totally, uh, makes my day.

8. But now I'm thinking of who else could have played the son . . . Kurt Russell could have done it, I think. He's always seemed to have a healthy sense of humour about himself.

7. There's also depth in this comic script (although it's easy to miss). The mother's managing ways are just part of a mask she wears. She's critical of her son's life only because she is even more unhappy with her own. (Most meddlers are.) And so she is even less pleased than usual when she believes he is heading down the same path. We all find the idea that "we all turn into our parents in the end" horrifying when we look at our parents, but that's nothing next to what it does to us, years later, when we look at our children.

6. Has anyone else noticed the number of Action movies from the 80s and early 90s which feature leading ladies who resemble--in appearance and/or spirit--Sigourney Weaver?

I totally get the Ripley thing (especially after that Oscar nomination); but I grew up in Buffy Summers' generation and hold my so-called "strong women" to a different standard.

5. The gun is a meaningful symbol--as it should be in a movie with a title like that. It's nice that she goes from washing his gun (with bleach, baby!) . . . to buying him a nice, new (albeit illegal) one . . . and finally to getting him to yell the title line at the baddies.

4. But before he yells at them, he yells at her. Did anyone else find the list of rules he made for her to follow when under his roof therepeutic? (LOL!)

3. Hmmmmm. IMDb.com Trivia says that Getty only signed on to this movie after the producers lied and told her she wouldn't have to use a gun . . . which is kind of a weird thing to believe, given the title, the premise and the actor who would be playing her son. =S

Oh, yeah, and Stallone considers this the worst film he's ever done. (Bwahahahahahaha!)

2. I'd say this movie's lesson is that there is actually no contradiction between a mother knowing best and a son being perfectly able to take care of himself. =)

1. If you do get the chance to watch this again, look out for the actor who drives the golf cart in the airport. He's my favourite extra. I hope he found a lot of work as an actor, even if he obviously didn't become a star.

Image Source: Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot DVD, b) Ripley, c) Buffy


Stephanie M. Lorée said...

Just stopping by to let you know, you won! See my blog post for details. And email me at stephanie AT stephaniemloree DOT com when you can. I'll be contacting you via email as well to get your address for shipping. Congratulations!

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Sullivan McPig said...

don't think I even managed to watch this movie till the end. You are very brave!

Paul Stilwell said...

For Stallone to name the worst movie he's done...one would think that would be a really tough call for him. But no, not when you have a movie like Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot.

Enbrethiliel said...


Stephanie: I've already e-mailed you back. Thank you so much for having this giveaway. Across the Universe is one of those rare new releases I actually look forward to!

Sully: LOL! Just a big Stallone fan, and in general, someone who likes finding stuff to love in otherwise awful movies.

Stilwell: It was the diaper scene that did it, I think. =P