16 December 2010


Norman Rockwell Painting Smackdown, Final Winner
(Revisit Round 1, Round 2, the Interlude, Round 3A, Round 3B, and Round 4)
UPDATE: I think the Borrowers who live under my floorboards needed the camera cord, so the video is a hopeless case. But I've edited the post to announce the winner, anyway!

Forgotten Facts about George Washington = 3 Votes
The Runaway = 4 Votes
The Jury Room = 2 Votes

Remember the reader who requested, way back during the Arnold Schwarzenegger Movie Smackdown, that I do a tournament bracket that didn't have an obvious winner? Well, I really wish he hadn't disappeared since then, because I think I've finally achieved it with this bracket's Final Winner. I made three drafts for this post because I really had no idea which of the finalists (and that includes the wild card) would emerge victorious.

Anyway, what I wanted to say about The Runaway is that sometime between its first appearance and its entrance into the finals, it started reminding me of another, very different work of art from an artist in a totally different tradition.

Three figures, check. One table, check. More or less obvious leaning, check. A story worth knowing, check.

And so I started thinking of the policeman, the diner owner and the little boy as the Holy Trinity of Rockwell.

I think it's interesting that despite the fact that they're in a place full of food, we have no idea what they're having. Their "communion" is not over a meal, but over an understanding that the two men have and that the boy will share in someday, although he doesn't realise it yet. Then again . . . the policeman looks reasonably young himself, doesn't he?

Only the diner owner, with his wise and knowing grin, seems to see the whole mini-epic from beginning to end. He knows what it's like to have been both the little boy, naively convinced he can make his own way in the big world, and the younger man, still new to the world of adult responsibilities but determined to do his best. They're both still "boys" to him. If it weren't for the fact that the boy is (obviously) a minor and the policeman is (presumably) on duty, I can imagine him shifting into the Ever Wise Bartender of urban lore and pouring each of them a shot of whiskey. Which is another kind of communion.

(At least I think it would be whiskey. I'm just a girly girl and have no idea what counts as a manly drink. But one man submitted "whiskey" to our W&Q 7 game and another man was very happy to have received it, so it seems like a safe bet.)

A last note: I know I'm supposed to reveal the winner of the "100+ Followers, 10+ Friends" Giveaway at the end of this post. My brothers and I filmed a short video last night in which the lucky friend's name was drawn . . . but we can't upload it until we find the missing cord that connects the camera to the computer. (The story of my life, aye?) I'll embed the video as soon as I can, I promise. So that you don't have to keep clicking on "Keep Reading!" to check, wait until this post includes the tag "Worth a Thousand Words". And in the meantime, I shall revel in all this new technology that surrounds me like a matrix and confounds me with a cord.


And the winner of the "100+ Followers, 10+ Friends" Giveaway is . . .


Congratulations, Lesa! Please e-mail me with your snail mail details so that I know which of the four prizes to get you this Christmas. =D

Image Sources: a) The Runaway, b) Holy Trinity icon by Andrei Rublev


The Western Confucian said...

This is the first time in my life that I have felt that my vote has counted. Thank you for restoring my faith in the electoral process.

Enbrethiliel said...


Coming from you, Joshua, that means a lot! I'm glad you enjoyed the smackdown. =)

Lesa said...

I'm stunned--that is me, right? I think I am the only 'Lesa' hanging around Shredded Cheddar so: Yeeeee-haw!!

How exciting!! I'd like to thank E, the greatest and cheesiest host in the blogosphere. Also, a big cheesey thank you to my fellow competitors-- ya'll are the best! And last but not least, thanks to my always cheddary and unfortunately sometimes limburgery spouse and muenstery child for putting up with my blogging addiction!!

Enbrethiliel said...


Congratulations again, Lesa! =D

E-mail me with your choice of prize and mailing address, so I can get it to you as soon as possible. =)

Thanks again for joining and being such a great blog friend!

Lesa said...

Thanks right back to you for being a great blog friend! I'm so glad we met-- if I'm am ever in the Philippines or you are ever in my region (ok, tx, ark or mo) we must meet in real life!!