01 December 2010


It's Advent! Let's Play . . .

letter WDSCN5686Q
number 7
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My family has been kind of distracted these days and I haven't been able to post as much as I usually do, but I haven't forgotten our December W&Q game. =)

First of all, if you joined the November game and haven't made the rounds yet, please go through the combox of W&Q 6 to see which poems you've missed. Remember that this game has three stages of fun: making the prompts, writing the poem, and reading the comments!

If, however, you are new to the game, this is what you need to know:

a) All prospective players must e-mail me a word (any word!) and a question (any question!) by 3 December.

b) I scramble these prompts and e-mail everyone back with a new word and a new question on 5 December.

c) We all write poems that use the word and answer the question.

d) On 8 December, I will publish my poem on this blog and wait for everyone to link to their own poems in the combox.

e) Your own poems must be published and linked up no later than 22 December.

A special note for this month's game: although the official deadline is 22 December, you can earn 3 extra entries for the "100+ Followers, 10+ Friends" Giveaway by submitting the poem before 15 December, when the contest closes.

Any questions?
I hope so! ;-)


Dauvit Balfour said...

I'll send a prompt along later today, the first word that came to mind was a little too obvious (though I'd love to get it, so maybe I'll send it anyway).

Time to go make the rounds my own self and actually read what people wrote.

Ohhhh, wait... k, prompt sent.

Salome Ellen said...

Mine are on their cyber way!!

pennyyak said...

Gosh I'd be very bad at this - there might be amusement value in my offering -

Fortunately, En., I have no idea how to contact you. Oh, please don't tell me.

Besides, it would give me a stress related disease. I did enjoy looking at some of your readers past attempts.

Enbrethiliel said...


Dauvit: Whenever I send prompts that I would love to get, the players who receive them go a little batty! =P

I've already received yours. They're fantastic! =D

Ellen: Thanks! I've received them, too. =)

Penny: Have you read some of my old ones? "Amusement value" is a good description for some of them, though probably not the latest one. But what is Shredded Cheddar for if not for my readers' and my own amusement?

Come on! Join us! =D Think of this as a party game. If you went to a party and the host said, "Let's all play Word & Question now!" you'd dive right in with both feet, for the fun of it, right? . . . Right?

Besides, I've found that the best cure for poetry-caused stress-related diseases is hitting the Publish button. So as long as you follow through, you'll be okay. ;-)

So just in case you change your mind . . .

altaemoeniaRomae [at] Gmail [dot] com