10 November 2010


Wednesday Night Trailer (Technically!): "Your gaze is very direct, Miss Eyre . . ."

Rejoice with me, my friends! The trailer for Jane Eyre 2011 is finally out--and it looks and sounds great!

Now, Charlotte Bronte's novel just might be my favourite of all time (I'm not too sure; what do you think, Lesa?), but I can't actually imagine the characters speaking. Bronte's language is so stylised that I let myself be transported by the emotion of each scene rather than try to imagine it unfolding before me. Their hearts speak to me, even if I can't quite hear their words.

Still, I know when an actor's delivery of one of these lines doesn't cut it. And so when I tell you that when Mia Wasikowska says one of my all-time favourite quotes from Jane--

"Do you think that because
I am poor, obscure, plain and little,
that I am soulless and heartless?"

--that she absolutely nails it, then I hope you will take my opinion with more than your usual generous tolerance.

And now I think we all know the MYSTERY BOOK
of my "100+ Followers, 10+ Friends" Giveaway . . .

Jane Eyre
by Charlotte Bronte
(Penguin Classics Deluxe Edition)

Of course, if you are one of those readers of excellent taste who has already has a copy of this great novel, I'm perfectly willing to be flexible! Pick any another book from among my Top 5 Governess Novels. =)

So now all you lot have to wonder about now is that MYSTERY DVD!!! =P

Image Source: Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte (Penguin Classics Edition)


Sheila said...

Finally a movie about a plain person where the actress actually looks plain -- instead of model-gorgeous with a boring hairstyle or something!

Irena @ This Miss Loves to Read said...

Oh, wow, I may be hasty, but this might turn out to be one of the best Jane Eyre adaptations! The locations, the atmosphere and the actors look stunning. Finally a Jane Eyre who looks like she's 18 and who's plain. And Judi Dench, woot!

Jane Eyre is definitely on my list of top 5 novels, so I am very much looking forward to seeing this movie.

Enbrethiliel said...


Sheila: I know what you mean! Jane might have been plain, but she was very compelling to Mr. Rochester--even if the world couldn't understand why he'd choose her over Blanche Ingram--and we definitely see that here!

Irena: I'm feeling hasty about this adaptation myself! =D

Lindsay said...

Oh my goodness! Oh my goodness! The trailer! I didn't know it was out. Ohhh, I am so excited! And, yes, I *do* own _Jane Eyre_, but I do not own any of the others, nor have I read them.

The trailer looks so good. Oh gosh. So excited.

Lesa said...

OH, this looks good and I have no doubt it may be your favorite book! I've lost count of the Jane Eyre posts! hahaahah

Speaking of plain-- wonder if everyone thinks the same thing. I watched the 1949 movie The Heiress adapted from Henry James's Washington Square-- loved the movie but the plain heiress was played by Olivia de Havilland-- the woman is too pretty to be plain!! Even as Melanie in GWTW she wasn't plain-- drab but not plain!

Ya'll are hasty folk! (from my fave book) but it does look good! And the scene with the mean cousin that I just wrote about on my blog is in the trailer-- still can't believe I had forgotten that-- I must reread the book before the movie!

Sullivan McPig said...

And yet again Rochester is much too slick and pretty to be a real Rochester in my opinion. Ciaran Hinds came closest to Rochester I think of versions of Jane Eyre I've seen.

Enbrethiliel said...


Lindsay: The others are all pretty good, The Nanny Diaries being my favourite among the other four.

Lesa: I stumbled across a blog-versation (Ooooh! Coined a word!) about this, maybe last year. The blogger said that didn't think Jane was ever pretty, but that she had a non-conventional beauty that would jump out at you if you knew how to see it. For instance, there is an old account of East Asians (Japanese, I think) who were excited about their first look at European women . . . only to be let-down at the "dog eyes" those supposed beauties had! They might have been looking at the age's equivalent of Elle McPherson and not known it! And that blogger didn't mind a beautiful actress playing Jane with an unflattering hairstyle.

As for the movie . . . Let's just say that if it doesn't live up to the trailer, I will have a great time panning it on this blog! =P

Sully: I guess I just don't see this fellow as handsome--and definitely not pretty!--because I think he's okay as Mr. Rochester. An actor who was definitely too pretty was Timothy Dalton! =S

But I don't think I've seen Ciaran Hinds play this role yet.

antiaphrodite said...

I'd like to be able to say that I've stopped squealing at this trailer.

I really do.


*goes into paroxysms of fangirl delight*

antiaphrodite said...

I haven't seen Ciaran Hinds play Mr. Rochester either. But yeah--Timothy Dalton?? O__o

antiaphrodite said...

Back to Jane Eyre--I'm crazy about the writing style!!

Enbrethiliel said...


Fangirls are welcome here! Squeal all you like. =)

(It'll drown out my own undignified noises. LOL!!!)

mrsdarwin said...

Can you believe I saw this and actually thought, "OMG OMG Jane Eyre OMG!"

I don't usually squee at movie trailers, but Jane Eyre! My favorite! I must share.

Enbrethiliel said...


Oh, I don't blame you at all, Mrs. Darwin! I did my fangirling elsewhere, to get it out of my system, so I could be dignified on my own turf. =P

But seriously, isn't this GREAT?!?!?!?!?