24 November 2010


Wednesday Night Trailer: "If there are no wars to fight, then why are we here?"

Given the huge media barrage, you might already know that the latest Narnia movie is coming out next week.

However, I've been relatively quiet about this Saturday's Locus Focus tribute to C.S. Lewis' fantasy world . . . so I don't think I'm being too tiresome by reminding everyone of the fact so that you can all get your own posts ready. =P

Remember that 27 November 2010 is "Narnia in November" Day at Shredded Cheddar!

PS--I'm thinking of doing either Cair Paravel--as I threatened to do in Locus Focus: Take Sixteen!--or one of the islands the Dawn Treader visits--which would be timely of me, you know? But I haven't settled anything yet. So if you want to shotgun any of them, let me know before Saturday! There are enough Narnian settings to go around! =)

PPS--It has belatedly occurred to me that I should have made this an official challenge and pinned a giveaway to it. =P Ah, well . . .


Lesa said...

I'm really more interested in this film than the new Potter film-- I've felt off Potter lately but I'll see both of course.

Enbrethiliel said...


I've already set a date to see this one with my friends! =D I don't think I'll see HP7, though . . . unless it's still in cinemas when I finish my big Rowling reread next month. (Would you believe that the last Harry Potter movie I saw was the fourth one???)