05 October 2010


Not Much of a Tease Today

Find some more tantalising Teasers this Tuesday!

I'm linking up to this meme again today because, yes, I found another cover with those "two legs" that represent a proper teaser.

I will admit, though, that I didn't notice them until Scrap Metal tried to read the title and complained that the people sitting on the words made it difficult for him . . .

"Ultimately, there would come a turning point in every job when it seemed that the child and I were the only three-dimensional people running around on the black-and-white chessboards of those apartments. Making it inevitable that someone would get knocked down."

Now here's the catch . . . Today's teaser comes with some instant gratification!

For long before my youngest tutee innocently pointed out the legs on my movie promo edition, I had already written about the book. See how it fares on . . .

My Top 5 Governess Novels!

Image Source: The Nanny Diaries by Emma McLaughlin and Nicola Kraus


Sullivan McPig said...

I'm so going to see if my library has this book.

Karen & Gerard Zemek said...

I look forward to reading your review of this if you could let me know when it's up.

Stopping by from TT. Here's a link to ours if you get a chance to stop by:

TheBookishSnob said...

Thanks for a great teaser. Have a fun week reading :)

Here's my TEASER for this week

Alayne said...

I enjoyed this book when I read it a while back. Nice teaser. Mine is at The Crowded Leaf.

Enbrethiliel said...


Sully: Yay! I don't want to risk hyping it up so that you no longer enjoy it, so I'll stop now. =P

E.J. Stevens said...

Great teaser! My TT from An Artificial Night is here.

From the Shadows

Mad Scientist said...

I've got this book on my shelf. I should dust if off and open it up.

Great Teaser, Here is the link to mine :)


Mad Scientist

Lu said...

Great teaser! Can't wait to read this :)

Enbrethiliel said...


Mad Scientist: It was on my shelf for almost a year and I had pretty low expectations of it (as I don't like Chick Lit in general). Then I read it and was totally floored. I hope you enjoy it when you do get around to it. And thanks for visiting! =)

Lu: And I can't wait for your review! =D