18 October 2010


More Mail for Monday
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This post should have gone up weeks ago, but we had issues with our digital camera. Heck, we still have issues with our digital camera. Which means, if you want to play the grammar game, that we have been having issues with our digital camera.

And that is why this very special delivery is being announced with a stock photo from the Internet.

My First ARC!!!
Thanks to ROOTS IN MYTH for the giveaway!

Okay, so it's not an ARC from a publisher but from a contest. I still feel as if I've arrived. And since ARCs exist for the sole purpose of book promotion, I'm going to do right by this win and actually write a review. =P Expect a very formal Reading Diary entry within the week!

A last note . . . do you ever enter a giveaway just knowing that you're going to win? That's what I felt when I left my entry for this book. And when the e-mail notification arrived in my Inbox, I was absolutely delighted--but not a whit surprised.

I'm not always so prescient, of course. I've won other prizes that were big, happy shocks--and I'll tell you all about them in my next Mailbox post. =)

Image Source: Virgin Territory by James Lecesne


Sullivan McPig said...


Lesa said...

Congrats! It is fun to win! I don't win that many things but I did win a prize at bingo the other night and now that you mention it I kinda knew my number would be called.

Hope your camera straightens up! Aren't camera gremlins annoying-- last evening, a dust smudge(?) appeared instaneously on the lens of my point and shoot and it shows up in photos too. I'm never without my camera and take photos constantly-- hope a camera shop can clean it.

I've never read an ARC-- looking forward to your review.

Enbrethiliel said...


Sully: Thanks!

Lesa: There are times when we "just know"! ;-)

I haven't done a proper review in a while, so I'm sort of nervous about this one. =P And the book didn't blow me away or anything, so I'm not really riding on strong emotion. We'll see what happens in the encoding . . .

Lesa said...

Oh well-- don't feel obligated to write a proper review just because it is an ARC-- especially since it is a contest win and hohum-- maybe one of your fun 'non-reviews' is in order. I can't believe how seldom I do a book specific reviewish post-- just so many other bookish topics to write about-- the thought of ARCs from publishers fills me with dread.

Enbrethiliel said...


I know what you mean, Lesa. I've already finished my "proper review" and I kind of hate it. =P Yes, it's honest and fair to the book . . . but it doesn't also capture the spirit of Shredded Cheddar, if you take my meaning. ;-)

Of course I'd prefer to be able to fit this into one of my lists or into a thoughtful meme, but it doesn't really fit anything at the moment! =S