01 September 2010


"Weird Al" Yankovic Song Smackdown: Final Winner!!!
(Revisit Round 1, Round 2, Round 3A, Round 3B and Round 4)

Eat It = 6 votes
The Saga Begins = 5 votes

This was really close! I admit I'm a little surprised at how it turned out: I would have voted for (and bet on) The Saga Begins.

In fact, I was secretly planning to perform the winning song as early as the first week of this smackdown . . . and what I was practicing day and night wasn't Eat It! =P

But as Mrs. Darwin said: There's no school like old school.

(I tried to work that line into the video, but I'm still not very comfortable in front of the camera, so it just wasn't happening . . .)

Random Facts (aka Production Trivia):

1) My crew and I were supposed to film this in the bathroom--to honour Yankovic's humble start recording his early demos, you know? But the only one big enough for the three of us at the same time was my grandmother's bathroom . . . and then she chased us out because she needed to sit on the throne for a little while . . . and the "little while" stretched on and on . . . so Camera Man, Cue-card Boy and I moved to the front hall.

2) The books in the background don't really belong there. My brothers and I swept all the family photos off that table and replaced them with four cubbies worth of books from my own bookcase. For ambiance, you know?

3) I didn't deliberately shorten the song. =P I was planning to sing an extra verse after the first chorus. But when we started filming, well, I just blacked out and sang the extra verse after the first verse . . . and oh, you can listen to the train wreck yourselves.

Anyway, I hope you're all happy now. =P

Image Source: Eat It


Sullivan McPig said...

*applauds loudly*
We want more!!
I think you did a great job!

christopher said...

Well worth the wait :) Nice acting in "forgetting" someone... LOL!

Enbrethiliel said...


@Sully: *takes a bow*

Thanks! I'm my own biggest critic so I can't say I'm very happy with final result, but it does mean a lot to me that you like it. =)

@Christopher: Acting? What acting? =P

Paul Stilwell said...

You're cover is very well done. The only crit being that it doesn't go on longer! (Which is a compliment and not a crit really.)

Eat It of course doesn't really demand "full length".

Always enjoy the music BTW.

Paul Stilwell said...

"You're" should be "Your". Man I suck.

mrsdarwin said...

Ha ha, Christopher, she left you out but she looked at the camera when she said, "MrsDarwin"! :)

That's just great. My girls were dancing all over the living room to your music, so you know it's good.

On a totally unrelated note, I noticed that you speak almost unaccented (to American ears, anyway) English. Is your accent standard and did you grow up speaking English? I love voices and accents and language, so I'm just curious about how language moves around the globe. (Also, note my total ignorance about the Philippines and the language structure thereof.)

CMinor said...

Loved it!!

Cozy Book Nook (Lesa) said...

Encore! Encore!


The Mike said...

I have the strange urge to shout "FREEBIRD!".

Great job, E! Looking forward to the next fabulous Smackdown!

Cozy Book Nook (Lesa) said...

hahhahaha, The Mike, you aren't my spouse in disguise under that mask are you!

My hubby thinks it is the funniest thing to yell 'Freebird' at any remotely musical venue-- and he is trying to be funny but I fear others just think he is a big ol' redneck goober!

Enbrethiliel said...


@Stilwell: If it went on any longer, I'd be a nervous wreck. I'm actually kind of glad now that I didn't have to do The Saga Begins, because that one can't be shortened at all!

@Mrs. Darwin: It delights me to no end that your children appreciated it. Thanks for telling me! =)

I'm not sure where my accent comes from, either. My mother blames a two-month trip to the US when I was four years old. During my two years in New Zealand, all the natives accused me of sounding American (Yes, I chose "accused" deliberately), but all the American international students seemed to agree that I sounded too precise to be one of them. (I italicise the description because I heard the same from three different people, who couldn't have had the chance to speak to each other about it beforehand.)

I don't think I sound obviously Filipino until it's time to say "guardian" or "radio." The "di" sound becomes a "j."

@Cminor: Thanks! And you should love it because Dminor cast the swing vote. ;-)

@Lesa: Nooooooo! =P I don't think my stage fright could take it!!!

@The Mike: Thank you! But I'm afraid the next smackdown will be kind of square. =P

(Hmmmmm. Nobody really says "square" any more these days, do they? My point exactly . . .)

antiaphrodite said...




Enbrethiliel said...


*waves smelling salts*

It's so nice to see you back, Anti! =)

antiaphrodite said...


I missed this blog!!!

Salome Ellen said...

I think the right song won - quintessential Weird Al. (And the first time I typed "wired" Al; wonder if that means anything?)

Anyway, I am impressed with your performance, and awed by your courage! Bravo! Encore! (;-D)

Enbrethiliel said...


Thanks, Ellen. =) Yes, the right song did win.

But just think . . . if I hadn't opened Round 4 to reader votes, Eat It would be merely the runner up!

So another big thank you to my readers for saving this blog from me!

Belfry Bat said...

Golly, you're separated from your network connection for one week and everything goes all haywire! (actually, as might have been supposed, everything's going nice and smoothly, so far as I can tell)

I haven't got speakers here, but I know you'll perform as well as 'most anyone can. Still, I don't see why you couldn't do both songs, and then I get to listen to the one I like... ;-)

Enbrethiliel said...


Well, I didn't get to live blog Scream 3 or vlog the winner announcement of my last giveaway, so there was some "haywiring" involved. Which I'm sure makes you happy. ;-)

And now to make you sad . . . No, I won't be performing The Saga Begins any time in the near future. But I'm thinking of bringing back "Team Taylor Tuesday", in even more musical glory, for September. Bwahahahahaha!