05 September 2010


Reader Poll: New "Word & Question" Rule

airWalk 01-11-07_1655 -- pink tag letter Q question mark ?

What do you think of having a deadline? And if you're for it, how much of a grace period should players have before the time comes to publish our poems? Two weeks? Three weeks? A whole month? A single weekend? (LOL!)

I ask because I'd like to play "W&Q" more regularly, but new games are impossible to plan when we don't know when all the players of the current game are going to be finished. Having a regular schedule will also make it easier for other bloggers who'd like to host the games. (I haven't forgotten about you, Dauvit!)

Yes, it will mean more pressure than usual . . . but if you think about it, pressure is a traditional element of "Word & Question": the original game is meant to be played out in a single meeting.

Let me know your thoughts in the combox! (You, too, Dylan. Don't be shy!)


Sullivan McPig said...

I think a deadline would be a good idea. One to two weeks I would say. And yes: I was very late with my second entry, but I blame the move, usually I'm quicker.

Paul Stilwell said...

Two weeks sounds good to me. Short enough to keep the pressure on; long enough for some digestion.

The recent Word and Question flew by me somehow.

dylan said...

Add my vote for the 2 weeks option. A fortnight does concentrate the mind wonderfully!

Salome Ellen said...

I'm a deadline person, so whatever y'all decide. I can't guarantee mine will be good, but it will be done! ;-D

Enbrethiliel said...


Two weeks it is! =D See you all on Wednesday!