08 September 2010


Crosses! And Cradles?

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Yes, it's "Word & Question" time again! =D I know you're all excited, so send those e-mails in! (UPDATE: In case I confused everyone--which, knowing me, is 99.99% likely--here is a clarification. You still have to send your Round 4 words and questions to ME!)

If you're new to this game, please read the rules to see if this is your sort of thing. We'd love to have new players. =)

If you're a veteran, remember that we've added the new rule that all poems have to be in two weeks after next Wednesday. (Yes, I've updated the rules page accordingly.) What that means for us now is that the host's poem will be published on 15 September 2010, and everyone has to leave the link to his own poem on or before 29 September 2010.

For September, our host is
Maister Dauvit Balfour of Crosses and Cradles!!!

Visit his blog next week to read his work, and again any time until the last Wednesday of the month to submit your own. =)

Yes, there's more . . . =P

Now that we have a schedule, we can start doing this more regularly! A poem a month looks manageable.

First Wednesday: Mail in your word and question.

Second Wednesday: The host publishes his poem.

Fourth Wednesday: The deadline for everyone's poems.

So . . . would anyone like to be our October host? To make this responsibility even more fun (!!!), I propose that the host be in charge of everything for that month: putting up the "Send in your entries" post, receiving the e-mails, randomising the words and questions (so that nobody ends up with his own prompts or two prompts that originally came together), and putting up the first poem of the month. What do you say? =)

Also, there were some suggestions tossed about in Ellen's combox last month. What do you think of having one word and different questions or one question and different words? We could have a Challenge Month in which we do something like this, and then stick to the original formula the rest of the time.


antiaphrodite said...

I have a question!

Is having a blog a requirement here? Can I just leave my poems in the combox/es instead?

Enbrethiliel said...


Great question! =D

When I introduced this game, I said that anyone who was a little shy about his poem (or who didn't have a blog) could e-mail it to me, and I'd publish it along with my own submission without saying who wrote which one. That's actually closer to the original spirit of the game than what we are doing here. So, no, I don't think having a blog should be a requirement.

Well, what the heck? Sure, it's all right to leave the poem in the host's combox. =) I don't want to leave anyone out in the cold because he doesn't have a blog!

antiaphrodite said...

OIZ! Thanks!

Enbrethiliel said...


So I can expect an e-mail from you by Friday? =)

antiaphrodite said...

I'll really try :-)

Enbrethiliel said...


Wasn't it Mr. Miyagi who said that there is no try; there is only do? =P

antiaphrodite said...

Well, there's a reason why I'm NOT the karate kid :-P

Carolina Valdez Miller said...

Oh man, this looks fantastic! Except, I can't write poetry to save my life :P But what a cool thing you have going here!

Enbrethiliel said...


Thanks, Carol! =) It's a really fun and fulfilling writing exercise, and I'm so happy that there are friends willing to do this with me.

Salome Ellen said...

And my W&Q will be in your inbox shortly. And OK, I will host sometime if you want me to. (Gulp....)

Enbrethiliel said...


I've received it. Thanks!

Well, October is currently up for grabs. ;-) I'm sure you'll do a fine job! I'll let you know a little more when I e-mail you your prompts on Sunday.

Dauvit Balfour said...

In case anyone was wondering, mine is up, so go take a look, and post yours in the comments.