11 August 2010


It's "Word & Question" Time Again!

letter W ampersand & Q
number 3

We now have an official W&Q Page with the instructions and links to the poetry posts. If it sounds like something you want to try, remember that new players are always welcome!

For those who are doing this for the latest "I Love My Friends Giveaway" (which is still open for anyone who'd like to enter), remember that you have to submit your poem before the end of the giveaway in order to be earn the three entries!

* * * * *

PS--Just in case you missed reading some of the later submissions of the last game, here is a quick link to W&Q 2.

PPS--My PC broke down last weekend, so I can't get online as often as I usually am. Updates on the blog will be a little late, but I'll definitely get your words and questions to you by Friday and have my own poem up next Wednesday.


Sullivan McPig said...

I'm in! And will finish earlier this time.

Enbrethiliel said...


I have five entries in my Inbox now, including yours, Sully. =) Thanks for joining again! I'm always highly entertained and awed by everyone's creations.

dylan said...

Forgive my slowness of wit, but where, exactly, is the 3rd word & question pairing? I found the first two all right. But ubi est tertium verbum et rogatum?

Enbrethiliel said...


Everyone submits a word and a question to me through e-mail. I randomise them and send the participants their individual/unique pairings through e-mail as we.

You can also check this page -- http://shreddedcheddar.blogspot.com/p/playing-poetry-word-question.html

I'm sorry you didn't make it in time for this round, but it's a pretty popular game, so I'll have it again next month.