28 July 2010


"Weird Al" Yankovic Song Smackdown Round 2
(Revisit Round 1--because it's where all the music is)

Well, it almost made our smackdown . . .

Let's have a mini face-off right now:
All about the Pentiums or White and Nerdy?

Be heard in the combox!

Here are the results of last week's very democratic Round 1 . . .

My Bologna vs. Spam ---> Winner: My Bologna

Eat It vs. I'm Fat ---> Winner: Eat It

Jurassic Park vs. The Saga Begins ---> Winner: The Saga Begins

Another One Rides the Bus vs. White and Nerdy ---> Winner: Another One Rides the Bus

Achy Breaky Song vs. Smells Like Nirvana ---> Winner: Smells Like Nirvana

Amish Paradise vs. Pretty Fly for a Rabbi ---> Winner: Amish Paradise

Don't Download This Song vs. E-bay ---> Winner: E-bay

The Carnival of the Animals -- Part Two vs. Harvey the Wonder Hamster & Weasel Stomping Day ---> Winner: The Carnival of the Animals -- Part Two

So. . . ready for our next round? (Of course you are!!!) =)

Round 2
The "Eat It" Eight

Writing about music may be like dancing about architecture (and I have some students who will never forget that, because I made them choreograph Art Deco, Gothic and Neoclassical), but I'm going to have to write something about the songs that make it to the Final Four. So the main criterion for me here is: Which one would I rather devote half a post to in a week's time?

Another One Rides the Bus vs. Eat It

Would I rather write about the uncanny parallels between Weird Al's imaginary bus and public transportation all over Manila--or argue the proposition that Michael Jackson was Weird Al's greatest muse? Oh, no contest!

Winner: Eat It--and not just because of the food. Really!

E-bay vs. Amish Paradise

I could have a lot of fun with that 80s friendly list of E-bay purchases (And oh, man, if "I'm highest bidder!" with the money note isn't the funniest line in his smackdown, then I don't know what is) or I could peel back the layers of Amish stereotypes to get to the real theology behind them . . . Ah, we know what kind of blog this is. ;-)

Winner: E-bay--and not just because it could also be (with a few tweaks to the lyrics) the Shredded Cheddar anthem.

My Bologna vs. Carnival of the Animals -- Part Two

You know what would be cool? The chance to pit Eat It against My Bologna. You know what would be cooler? Putting a spliced up audio track with no music into the Final Four of a song smackdown!

Winner: Carnival of the Animals -- Part Two--and not just because I fancy Hilaire Belloc, Edward Lear and Ogden Nash would approve!

The Saga Begins vs. Smells Like Nirvana

What I like most about randomisation is that it presents me with face-offs I would never have thought up on my own. What I like least about randomisation is that inevitably gives me a pairing that just hurts me. Such as this one. So do I pick the six and a half minutes of sweet storytelling that is better than George Lucas' actual work or three and three quarter minutes that send up all Grunge music and only make me love the original more? I'm crying now, really . . .

Winner: The Saga Begins--and not just because I have a weird place in my rotten heart for the sad Prequels.

We'll have the first round of the Final Four (aka the "Found It on E-bay" Four) next Wednesday! =)


Dauvit Balfour said...

Awww, I was pulling for Amish Paradise. 'Sokay though, my favorite is still in there (though I was worried when I saw it had to go up against "Smells Like Nirvana"). It's mostly my favorite because (along with Amish paradise), I learned it during summers at the pool when I was... oh, however old I was when it came out. So now you know my prejudice, don't dash my hopes!

Sullivan McPig said...

White and Nerdy!
I know many nerds and geeks, so it's very recognisable. I think I will have to confess to being a geek myself as well.

And I like that so many of my picks won!

Emily J. said...

Easily White and Nerdy. My 12 yr old votes Amish Paradise #1 overall.

Paul Stilwell said...

"...and not just because I have a weird place in my rotten heart for the sad Prequels."

I knew it, I KNEW IT! There are really no other films that one can like so much while hating so much.

White and Nerdy.

Enbrethiliel said...


@ Dauvit: I'm letting the Final Four (aka "Found It on E-bay" Four) percolate in my mind right now, and unless something else occurs to me during the writing process, it looks as if your favourite will make it all the way to the next voting round! =)

@ Sully: There are some parts of the song I can easily relate to as well, such as the success with Trivial Pursuit and the speed at Minesweeper. =P (LOL!!!)

@ Emily: Hi! =) Thanks for stopping by. I have an almost-twelve year old at home, too, but the only one of his favourites that made it into the smackdown was E-bay.

@ Stilwell: Isn't that the truth?!?!? The twisted passion I have for Episode III: Revenge of the Sith unsettles me like nothing else.

ninjapeps said...

I'm voting for White & Nerdy because I can't stand Puff Daddy. at least Chamillionaire has provided some laughs and if memory serves, he actually credits Weird Al for why so many people know about his song.

dylan said...

It's hard to bargle nawdle zouse with all these marbles in my mouth.

Enbrethiliel said...


@ Peppy: Oh, so he's Puff Daddy again? I'm losing track of all the dumb names he wants to call himself.

@ Dylan: Even when he's making the rhyming easy for himself, he still comes off as a genius!

CMinor said...

White and Nerdy!

Because what could be better than hip-hoppin' Donny Osmond?

ninjapeps said...

I have no clue what he's calling himself now. Puff Daddy is just less stupid than P. Diddy and it's what I first saw him as so that's the name that sticks to me.

Enbrethiliel said...


@ CMinor: Well, okay, you have me there. ;-)

And the one person I am certain would have voted for All about the Pentiums doesn't seem to be around these days . . . Odd! =S

mrsdarwin said...

Oh noes! You eliminated Smells Like Nirvana! My heart is breaking... :)

Enbrethiliel said...


Yes, I'm afraid my questionable taste in music has extended to my taste in musical parodies. ;-) Smells Like Nirvana put up a very good fight and would have beaten every other song in this round (except, of course, Eat It). It was just one of those Random.org things. But if I seem too casual about this loss, consider me jaded by the trauma of The Terminator vs. The Predator in this round of the Arnold Schwarzenegger Movie Smackdown. That pair should have been the final two!!!

Belfry Bat said...

SPOILERS! (like you haven't watched Starwars, anyone reading this now)

The thing is, the Star Wars prequels actually tell a poignant and gripping tale of tragedy: early promise, quick rise with seeds of malcontent, terrible downfall, setting up neatly an even-more moving tale of heroes and redemption --- they tell this marvelous epic with abysmal fail; it's like George Lucas knows a great story, but has forgotten how to tell a story in film. Making a pretense at precision, I'd say that (Lucas:The Skywalker Clan);(Jackson:Tolkien);(Weir:O'Brian) was roughly a geometric progression, leaving out how the "real" versions of each tale compare. You can love the tale and hate the telling. Someone will have to re-interpret them when copyright runs out...

Enbrethiliel said...


My dear Bat! I don't think I have ever known a literal--a truly literal--epic fail before! LOL!!!

But what else to call the Prequels? And (although I may be alone in this) what Return of the Jedi did to the original trilogy?

Cozy Book Nook (Lesa) said...

Yay! five of my picks made it!

I've been a StarWars fan since I saw the first one at a drive in theatre-- I don't poopoo the prequels-- in fact, I like them but then I do like to be contrary!

Enbrethiliel said...


Be as contrary as you like, Lesa! It only makes discussions more fun. =)