19 July 2010


Twelve Things about Scream 2

12. "I hate scary movies." (LOL!) The opening sequence almost tops that of the first movie!

Our witty, self-aware sequel begins with an unsettling nod to movie adaptations. The characters are watching Stab, based on another character's book about the murders in the first movie--which is real life to them, of course. The audience is going crazy, cheering whenever somebody gets killed on screen. And the question posed to us is whether our love of murder sprees in our own entertainment makes us any better than they.

11. For an added Morality Play element: the audience within the movie finds itself culpable for one brutal kill. Let the examination of conscience begin!

10. Sed contra: "That is so moral majority. You can't blame real-life violence on entertainment . . . Movies are not responsible for our actions."

And yet, as a horrified Sidney points out, "Three hundred people watched [somebody get killed] and nobody did anything. They thought it was a publicity stunt." Are movies, at least, responsible for any of our inaction?

9. Still, the cast of Stab makes me laugh a little, because I'm hopeless like that.

Sidney Prescott -- Tori Spelling -- Bwahahahahahaha! Be careful what you bitch about . . .

Casey Becker -- Heather Graham -- Not bad! I can see what Wes "Genius" Craven was trying to do.

Deputy Dewey -- David Schwimmer -- Friends jokes are so 90s, aye?

Billy Loomis -- Luke Wilson -- Am I missing something?

Randy Meeks -- "The guy who drove Jane Seymour's stagecoach for one episode of Doctor Quinn" -- Awwwwwww! We still love you, Randy!!!

8. More on Stab--and therefore, the first Scream:

"It's some dumbass white movie about some white girls getting their white asses cut the f*** up!"

If that is the franchise's way of apologising for having no black people in the first film ("The Horror genre is historical for excluding the African American element"), then it barely manages to skirt the boundaries of bad taste doing it. (Heck, don't apologise at all, mate. That's what I would do.)

7. Now forget adaptations; let's think sequels. The ever-reliable Randy makes sure we know the rules . . .

a) bigger body count
b) more elaborate set ups
c) more blood and gore (i.e., "carnage candy")
d) all survivors of the first movie are suspects
e) the killer's identity can bend the conventions
f) never assume the killer is dead
g) if you want a franchise, never kill the hero/heroine

Interestingly, F was in the trailer but cut from the theatrical release. And Randy doesn't actually finish saying G: I just filled in the blanks for him, trusting in my own Horror movie IQ. Don't you love the subtle foreshadowing of G?

6. It was interesting to see reporter Gale Weathers herself hounded by reporters. The bottom-feeding interviewer finding herself fielding the most undignified interview questions. Screenwriter Kevin Williamson must have had a lot of fun with this. Note that Scream 2 is a movie about Horror media--and the news is as much of a Horror medium as film.

5. But the stage? Sidney as a Drama major? And the lead in a Greek tragedy? Well, yes, I see how it works . . . But Cassandra? ("She knew she was cursed. It was her fate and she embraced it.") I'm ambivalent.

I do love the Greek masks, though . . . as, obviously, does Ghostface.

4. How weird to see Sarah Michelle Gellar, star of TV's Buffy the Vampire Slayer, so helpless against an armed attacker--and not even being tongue-in-cheek about it.

Now I nominate Gellar as second runner up for Scream Queen of the 90s. Buffy may have done different things with tried and true Horror elements, but Gellar's roles in this film and I Know What You Did Last Summer have got to count for something.

3. One last reason to love Randy: he practically wrote my Top 5 University-set Horror Movies list for me! In no particular order: The House on Sorority Row, Splatter University, The Dorm That Dripped Blood, Graduation Day, and Final Exam. Of course, the catch is that one of these will have to go so that I can squeeze Scream 2 in there. =P

2. I don't know why this movie didn't do it for me the first time I saw it. This second viewing makes me love it so much more. Clever film!

Okay, the twist in the ending still doesn't appeal to me very much; I chalk it up to Williamson's last minute changes when the then-final draft of the script was leaked on the Internet.

And yet I can't think of another way I would have wanted it to end, given the elements thrown in at the beginning, so it still works.

1. In case there was ever any doubt . . . Yes, Punk covers improve everything.

Whether or not the song and movie actually match up seems beside the point.

Image Sources: a) Scream 2 poster, b) Stab poster, c) Scream 2 screencap


Sullivan McPig said...

This is actually one of the few sequels that I think are better than the first movie. Great list once again.

Enbrethiliel said...


That's definitely debatable, Sully! I'm impressed with that big self-referential risk the filmmakeres took with that classroom scene about sequels that are better than their predecessors. LOL! Very cocky of them--for that was something that could have blown up in their faces--but it ended up fitting the movie beautifully. =)

Hey! Look Behind You! said...

Randy has always been my movie character crush :)

Enbrethiliel said...


He's certainly very easy to love! <3

Dauvit Balfour said...

Sorry E, apparently my spammer found you, too. I'm not exactly sure how picked it up, but it's bloody annoying.

Good post, makes me want to watch these movies. First, I have to go see Inception again...

(You should, too, if you can, I'm not sure if/when it gets released internationally).

Enbrethiliel said...


And he usually shows up on the nights I decide to sleep in, too! Crafty thing . . .

Inception is already out where I live. I just don't watch a lot of movies while they're still in the cinema. (And I feel like being extra defensive and saying that both times I saw Eclipse, someone else paid for my ticket! =P) I might make an exception for Inception, though, because: a) I saw the trailer in the cinema and knew then and there that it was the kind of movie that should be watched on the big screen; and b) "an exception for Inception" sounds so much fun! ;-)

ninjapeps said...

but we're gonna watch The Expendables when it shows here, right?

Enbrethiliel said...


Well, when I plan to see a movie months in advance, you can bet I'm going to see it!!!

Besides, this one has Stallone . . . Foregone conclusion.

ninjapeps said...

I like that, apparently, when he approached Van Damme about taking part in The Expendables, he straight up said "I don't have a plot yet."

Enbrethiliel said...


And now we have our Scream 2 connection, because at least Sarah Michelle Gellar signed on to do this movie before there was a final script. (Well, okay, given how much time Williamson had to brainstorm the movie, there must have been a wisp of a plot; but we're talking about the principle here!)

Anyway, as I told you last time, Van Damme and Segal are now dead to me.