23 June 2010


NSFWednesday Night Trailer
(Alternatively Titled: Stilwell, Have You Seen This?)

Note that I'm not kidding about the NSFW part. I mean, it's a teaser trailer for something called Wax On, F*** Off. Do you really need me to spell out that third word for you? =P

Now for the "State of the Cheddar" Address I like to sneak in under videos that make everyone who doesn't actually want to be here go away.

And please note that if Ralph Macchio's two F-bombs didn't put you off, my incessant talking about myself will--and that is what you shall find below.

June has been one long experiment in serious book blogging. (I'm letting someone win a free book, for crying out loud!) Well, it's still June--and so the experiment is still on-going--but now all I want to do is watch Horror movies! And then write about them! Who needs to read, anyway???

The Horror blogging community is more "Indie" than the book blogging community. Aside from the occasional "Midnight Warriors" challenge from The Mike, there don't seem to be any memes or linkups to help one get started. That's probably because those who really want to blog about Horror just go ahead and do it without letting anyone tell them what to write. (And come on, Enbrethiliel, you had another blog for almost seven years, with nobody mentoring you at any point, and now you want to blog by someone else's conventions??? It's messing you up so badly that now you're talking to yourself in your own posts! Please get a grip . . .)

But even the most independent Horror blogs have nods to good form in their regular features, which follow some sort of template. And as a writer, I find that very attractive. That's why I like playing "Word & Question" even though I don't write poetry on my own--and why, when I say that The Introverted Reader's "Character Connection" and my own "Locus Focus" remind me of homework assignments, I'm revealing what I love about them.

Now, I already have a few features that seem to work. In fact, the only thing that's keeping me from doing the "Sylvester Stallone Movie Smackdown" is the knowledge that Rocky will win in the end, the way the sun rises every morning. But I still regularly argue (with myself) that the "Final Four" round, not the crowning of the winner, is the real heart and soul of my tournament brackets. Moreover, since I can't predict, at this point, what the other three movies will be, I should go ahead and do the whole thing, anyway. I'll give myself until The Expendables comes out to decide.

Then there's a feature I've yet to launch and am quite excited about--but I'm still "waiting on" the badge. There's a whole story behind that, too. Another blogger recently got her whole blog redesigned, and when I commented on the new look, I mentioned that I found the designer talented but that she had done so many Twilight-themed blogs that looking through her portfolio made me have to go wash my eyes out with bleach. And my luck with discretion on the Internet being what it is, the designer read my awful comment and set me straight with her explanation that it was thanks to the Twilight community that she had broken into professional Web design at all.

She was very nice about it, really. In fact, she wasn't offended at all and even had a good laugh at my open aversion to RPattz. So I contacted her and asked her to design a couple of new buttons for me, to match my header and "Locus Focus" badge. She was still very nice when she replied to ask why I didn't just commission my first designer again: "Don't take this the wrong way . . . I'd love to help you, if that's what you want . . . but I also want you to be happy with your badges."

And I explained that I had realised that my thoughtless comment on the blog she had just designed could have lost her a prospective client--which was not my intention. Jokes are fun, but sometimes they go too far; and just in case that joke had gone too far, I wanted to help her get more clients by showing off her work on my own blog.

She was genuinely touched that I, being a stranger who didn't owe her anything, would be so sweet (her word)--and I was genuinely surprised that I, being The Punk Catholic, would be sweet at all. (I'm more poisonous, you know. Taste optional.) I think that was when I started talking to myself, saying things like, You won't give certain Catholic apologists a break even after you get some free doctrinally sound books, but you'll give a complete stranger who likes freaking Mormon Twilight up to US$25 you can't really spare because of a joke that didn't even offend her?!

Anyway, the new feature will be ready at the end of next month, when I get to the top of her waiting list. In the meantime, there is a new Punk Catholic Thought of the Week all set for tonight--though that is a feature whose days, I am fairly sure, are numbered.


r said...

The part about the final four (hard to not capitalize that) is certainly true. Take it from someone who knows his brackets, having grown up watching a certain basketball team smash its way through them.

Paul Stilwell said...

The video wasn't playing for me so I went to youtube and watched it. OMG, hilarious and captures well the chasm between those more innocent times and now. Macchio has shed some weight and returned to his thin Karate Kid self. He's looking good for 48! 18...LOL.

I'm looking forward to some movie blogging. I'm in the middle of compiling a top ten most memorable soundtrack themes list.

Enbrethiliel said...


R: Well, it'll be either a Stallone bracket or an Action Stars of the 80s bracket. Something highbrow, you know.

Stilwell: I have one more book I'd really, really like to "review" before I cast throw myself once more into the riot of cheesy randomness that this blog is supposed to be about. Maybe I'll race your top ten list with a Top 5 80s Movie Soundtracks list of my own. Who knows?

Sullivan McPig said...

There's a lot I can say about this post, but I think I'll stay quiet before I too have to commission something.

Enbrethiliel said...


Hahahahahahaha! Oh, Sully, I did hope I had made the other blogger, the designer, and to some extent, even the Catholic apologists anonymous enough for people to feel free to comment here! But I admire your discretion and won't press you to speak more freely. ;-)

But if Twilight-related graphics are what is worrying you, let me assure you that you need not fear on that account at all! =P

Cozy Book Nook (Lesa) said...

Hey E! Don't dwell so on being a specific kind of blogger--- keep mixing it up-- your blog is interesting because you cover a variety of topics-- so keep writing whatever tickles your fancy!

I saw that conversation with the designer--- more cute than awful. I'm the sort to go for the joke as well so I'm surprised I haven't already screwed up. Good to keep in mind that the 'anyone' could be reading.

I was quite surprised me when the manager of an OKC bookstore commented on my blog after I wrote about stores in that chain closing and wondered if the one in OKC had closed. Weird-- how would she even see my podunk little blogpost? And didn't you say authors had commented before on your blog? I wanted to write a negative sort of post about a book but the author is probably the type to google himself-- oh well, I'll probably write it anyway-- serves him right for writing crap.

funny trailer-- Is there really going to be a movie or is it just a joke? Wonder if Ralph thought of it--- If he did, he is more clever than anyone has given him credit for.

Cozy Book Nook (Lesa) said...

Oh yes-- I really enjoy your punk Catholic thoughts of the week-- even if the comments are turned off. ;o)

I really wanted to comment on the previous one-- about the 'personality cults' in blogging-- the gushers saying a blogger will be canonized someday-- without even knowing the real person. That was a great post! And I'm not just gushing... heehee.

It also reminded me of how irked I am when folks around here say in casual conversation: 'Oh, he/she is a good Christian man/woman'-- they say it so emphatically like the person can do no wrong-- that bugs me to no end! but I laugh to myself whenever one of the good Christian's actions show off their 'true colors'.

I suppose I should have emailed this comment to you-- but I've never been so close to beating Sully Pig's comment record. It may never happen again and I may only hold the record for a few minutes but I'm going to claim bragging rights anyway.

Sullivan McPig said...

@Enbrethiliel: I will admit that Twilight and some comments regarding Twilight were on my mind, but I fear I'll get clobbered and as I'm already in hiding as some Austen fans are probably after me for saying her writing style is bad I'd better keep quiet.

Enbrethiliel said...


Thanks, Lesa! This post is less about my existential angst (LOL!) than about my dissatisfaction at having lost so much control because of my commitment to my contest/giveaway. Parajunkee recently wrote a post in which she admitted, "I'm a member of a few book clubs, I have blogwithbite.com and I'm a reviewer. That means EVERYONE dictates what I read. I haven't bought a book I really really wanted in a long time. And unfortunately I don't see that changing." I experienced a little bit of that in the past few weeks and didn't like it--and it was my own idea! =P

As for the "Punk Catholic" posts . . . I really wouldn't mind hearing feedback from most of the people who already read this blog. =) It's the lurkers who come out of nowhere that I no longer want to "enable." (Incidentally, it was a lurker who tipped off one of the authors who commented on my blogging. She sent him a link to my post, got him riled up, and sat back to watch the fireworks when he called me out for "whispering behind his back"!!!) At the end of my run on my other blog, I had started feeling like a trick pony rather than a writer. Readers didn't come for the conversation, but for the controversy. Not good.

And that's why I don't want Shredded Cheddar to be known as a blog where one can go to discuss Catholic issues. Yes, there are still "Punk Catholic" thoughts, and now "Catholic and Gooey" thoughts as well, but here they are mixed in with the books, the movies, the music, and the rest of the madness.

PS--I think the Wax On, F*** Off trailer is all we'll ever get--but it's a very clever "Short." =)

PPS--Hey! =D As of this post, you're #1 on the Top Commenters list!!! Congratulations!

Enbrethiliel said...


Ah, Sully, I understand about the Austen fans being out for blood! =( On a Romance message board I used to belong to, I once compared a modern Romance author I like to Jane Austen . . . and the resident Austen fans did not like that at all!!! She is quite the sacred cow in certain circles, and that was my first warning not to say anything even vaguely critical about her when "anyone" might be reading. (Notice that I'm still too traumatised to even name that Romance writer again! LOL!)