03 May 2010


More Wishing . . .

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Some time ago, when I joined the Top Ten Picks meme for the first time with my list of Favourite Series, I saved a subcategory for Romance novels because series are practically as popular among Romance readers as they are among Horror movie lovers. Of course, while Horror movies kill everyone off, Romance novels marry everyone off. (You can tell a lot about a person by which scenario he finds more frightening.)

But a fan's delight can sometimes be a publisher's headache. Romance author Leigh Greenwood has revealed in an interview that publishers are now trying to avoid series, because there are some readers who won't buy a book in a series unless all the other books are also available. And it happens to be very expensive to keep make sure even part of an author's backlist is always readily available.

The interview was several years old when I found it, and Paranormal Romances seem all about series these days, so maybe the tide has turned again. Or maybe it's just Westerns that don't get any love from the budget. Anyway, the fact remains that none of the big bookstores I know carry any of Greenwood's novels; everything I've ever read by him, I had to buy secondhand.

So this will be a tough wish list . . .

Photobucket & Greenwood Fern
Believe it or not,
once upon a time, these counted as good covers.

As the name suggests, this series was inspired by the MGM musical Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. You may recall that the seven brothers in the movie are named alphabetically: Adam, Benjamin, Caleb, Daniel, Ephraim, Frankincense (Bwahahahahahaha!), and Gideon. (How is this for my movie geek status: I didn't have to look any of those names up!!!) In the books, the brothers had parents who also used an unusual naming scheme for them. They are George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, James Monroe, William Henry Harrison, John Tyler, and Zachary Taylor. (I have no idea why certain presidents were left out of the list, but I'm sure Greenwood, who was once a History teacher, had great reasons. Maybe those reasons are in the first book.)

The books also do one better than the movie by naming all the brides after plants. By the time the seventh book rolls around, the last unmarried brother is rightly terrified of "flower women."

As you can tell, I have already read the last five (albeit out of order) and am hunting down the first two. I'm kind of hoping that I find the second one first and the first one last, so that as soon as I finally complete the series, I can start a seven book marathon with all of them in order.

As the cliche goes, it's easier said than done. Browsing stacks of used books is 20% strategy, 80% serendipity.

I remember asking the owner of a used bookstore ("used books store"?)--called a pre-loved bookstore ("pre-loved books store"?) in New Zealand--whether there was a catalogue of all the available titles, and she sighed comically as she answered, "Wouldn't that be lovely?"

At least the books she sold were arranged by category, with some attempt to also arrange them by author. (You can imagine what dedicated browsers do to any greater ambitions of order.) All the places I go to now have five main sections: children's books (with YA novels lumped in), magazines, how-to books (such as cookbooks), trade paperbacks (with some hardcover editions and coffee table books that lost their way), and finally, mass market paperbacks. Oh, the anarchy!

It's really a wonder that I've found as many of Greenwood's books as I have! But of course I'm going to keep my fingers crossed for these special two.

Image Source: Seven Brides series


Sullivan McPig said...

Frankincense? Seriously? *snort*
And the bit about the unmarried brother being afriad of women with flower names almost makes me hunt down this series, but westerns aren't my thing (and unless it's about an Indian Brave carrying off a female captive he falls in love with they aren't Voodoo Bride's thing either)

Enbrethiliel said...


He has shortened it to Frank, for obvious reasons! *still sniggering* But his brothers still tease him about smelling so nice . . . ;-)

Nope, no Indian Braves here. Too bad for Voodoo Bride!

Sullivan McPig said...

She'll just have to reread 'Ride the Wind' in that case ;-)