08 May 2010


Are You Free Next Saturday?
(And what linky do you recommend?)
(UPDATE: I've added a new page just for Locus Focus! I'm already loving this meme!)

First of all, let me apologise for the dearth of posts! Where teachers are concerned, the school year doesn't end with the last day of school--even if it is a homeschool. I still had a lot of paperwork to do after Fire Storm and I closed the final quarter.

Then there was my copy reading work, which I do on the side . . .

But now that I'm back, I'd like to talk about LOCUS FOCUS! =D

It seems to me that Saturday would be a good day for it.

Monday has become "Mailbox Day"--with link up parties on two different blogs that are very heavily attended. On the other end of the workweek, Friday has become "Follow Day," with a variety of activities meant to help every participant win new followers.

Tuesday is the day when we share teasers and log all the traveling we've done in our reading. I'm not very excited by teasers, but scores of other book bloggers can't let a week pass without sharing at least one--and who am I to argue with that? =P

I already participate in the Shelf Share and Character Connection memes on Thursday--and for that reason alone, I'm not going to be indulgent and host Locus Focus on my favourite day of the week.

So far, it looks as if Wednesday is available . . . but I'm not too keen on stuffing Locus Focus in the middle of such a busy week. =P

Which leaves the weekend. What do you all think of Saturday?

And which linky do you recommend we use for this meme? I know that most bloggers use either Mcklinky and Mr. Linky. If you already host a meme, I'd be grateful if you'd let me in on the reasons you chose one over the other.

Thanks a lot, everyone! =D

PS--I'm working on the page with all the instructions right now . . . ;-)


Jillian said...

E! Im excited for this meme and Saturday seems to be a really a good day for it. And of course I'll be biased; I use Mr. Linky -- and the pop up version one like on top10 picks ;) I realized that if we use the other Mr Linky version -- the one that doesnt open in another window, the links get removed the moment you have a new one on your site! Sooo yeah.

Enbrethiliel said...


I'm excited, too! =D I just saw the proof of the badge I ordered, and it looks great. Parajunkee is really talented. =)

Thanks for the advice on Mr. Linky. The links are the whole point, so they should be as safe as possible! (And now I'm wondering whether, just to be really safe, I should make it part of the rules to have a back up link in the comment you leave after adding your link! LOL!)

Sullivan McPig said...

Saturday sounds like a good day to me! And yes: I like Teaser Tuesdays as I encounter books I've never heard of before on my little round along the participating blogs. I must confess I do not like the Mailbox monday as everyone seems to be able to afford more books than me ;-)

Enbrethiliel said...


I can totally relate! Another reason I'm not a fan of Mailbox Monday is that my "international" status keeps me from joining many competitions for free books--and it seems that every other post about hauls that I run into includes some lucky blogger's prize. =P

Jen G. said...

Saturday is probably the best day, but I'm worried that might be because people are busy doing other things. It seems like I don't see as many blog posts going up on Saturday. Maybe it's just because there aren't any good memes on that day and you can step in and fill that gap! ;-)

I use Mr. Linky just because that's the one I see the most. Jillian's right about the old ones being hidden if you embed it. I need to figure out how to do the pop-up links. Good luck! I'm excited to see your badge!

Sullivan McPig said...

@Enbrethiliel: Oh, I know!! I'm starting to hate the small sentence at the end of a giveaway: open to US and Canada only. If I didn't love the city where I live so much I'd consider moving.

Enbrethiliel said...


Jen: Have I mentioned that Locus Focus was inspired by your Character Connection? =) I love that you've gathered a small, thoughtful community that shows up every Thursday (or in the case of this member, every other Thursday) to share thoughtful posts and comment on everyone else's offering. It may not be as insanely popular as, say, Mailbox Monday (*grumble, grumble*), but it's one of those quality over quantity memes!

Thanks for the tip on the linky! I'll fiddle a bit with Mister Linky tonight and see what I can do.

Sully: LOL! It's certainly very frustrating! (But some contests are now saying, "Open to US, Canada and Puerto Rico only" . . . so maybe all contests are slowly becoming international. Perhaps when I'm eighty years old and can barely read the small type of mass market books, I'll be able to enter every contest I run into. Sigh!)

Now, I'm planning to host a contest of my own in June. My original plan was to write, "Open only to readers OUTSIDE the US and Canada." Bwahahahahahaha! But then I realised that many of my best readers and commenters are from the US, and I don't want to lock them out just to prove a point. =P

Sullivan McPig said...

Now that would certainly prove a point, but I can understand why you won't do it. :-p

The Book Mole said...

I just got here from Jen's blog, and Locus looks very interesting to me - I'm in! Saturday looks good too, I'll probably start by doing every other Saturday. I look forward to this, and I'm also a follower now!

Enbrethiliel said...


Thanks, Book Mole! I'm happy to have you on board. =D

Enbrethiliel said...


Okay, Jillian and Jen, I've thought about it and decided to go with the embedded linky, just because I'm vain and I like the look of it better. =P

But before I put up the next linky, I'll edit my post so that the entries become part of the body itself. Then I'll never have to worry about them getting lost! =)