31 May 2010


Announcement: Contest/Giveaway!

It was about time I did one of these things, aye? ;)

When I first joined the Book Blogging community as the red headed stepchild who was the understudy for Asia Viera in Omen IV: The Awakening, I didn't think I'd ever host a contest. Or a giveaway. Whichever one this is--though as far as I can tell, the terms are used interchangeably. Ah, now I've lost my train of thought . . .

I never thought I'd host a contest/giveaway because I am in no position to offer my readers new releases, much less those brass rings of the Book Blogging community, Advance Review Copies. And being one of those "international" bloggers who is ineligible for 99% of the contests/giveaways out there, book-related merchandise like pretty bookmarks or slipcovers would cost me ten times as much to send as to buy or get my grandmother to make . . . and you can finish the rest of that sentence.

Recently, however, it occurred to me that there is one thing I can offer that would make some sense as a prize: a book that has been published only in the Philippines! We have quite a lot of literature written in or translated into English, and some of it is even pretty good. (LOL!)

And then the only challenge is actually getting people interested. =P

Contest/Giveaway Details:

1. I am giving away one book to one reader of Shredded Cheddar. As much as I wish I could send a really worthy haul to the winner or have several winners, the Philippine Post Office is run by the world's worst government employees bar none, which means I will be using FedEx to make sure the winner gets his prize, and that won't come cheap!

2. This contest is international!!! =D In fact, you get extra points if you're not from the US or Canada! ;)

Yes, you may even join if you already live in the Philippines! I mean, why not???

3. Contest begins 1 June 2010 and ends 30 June 2010! I will announce the winner on 4 July 2010.

4. All throughout the month of June, I will be writing reviews of the books the winner can choose for his prize. They will be a mix of different genres, maybe even some non-fiction, so that there is something for everyone.

(I will update this post with links as the reviews go up.)

Option 1: Smaller and Smaller Circles by F.H. Batacan
Option 2: Owl Friends by Carla M. Pacis
Option 3: The Manila We Knew edited by Erlinda Enriquez Panlilio
Option 4: Po-on by F. Sionil Jose
Option 5: Barefoot in Fire: A World War II Childhood by Barbara-Ann Gamboa Lewis
Option 6: The Woman Who Had Two Navels by Nick Joaquin

5. Although I own a copy of every book on offer, I will buy the winner a brand new copy of the book of his choice!

6. For your first official entry, leave a comment after this post saying you'd like to be counted!

7. If you want extra entries, refer to the points system below:

If you're in a part of the world that isn't the US or Canada: 2 extra points

If you're one of the top commenters on 30 June 2010: Up to 10 extra points, depending on your ranking

If you participate in Locus Focus any time during the month of June: 1 extra point per linked up post

If you join "Word and Question": 3 extra points

8. I'm sure some of you are thinking, "I don't read this blog for free books. I read it because I'm a member of Enbrethiliel's Punk Catholic personality cult from way back when." Well, look at it this way, someone is going to get a free book out of this, anyway. Why not you???

I hope that's clear! If there are any questions, just leave them in the combox along with your entry. =)


christopher said...

Count me in for the fun of it ma'am, although I'm not clear on what one has to do to win. Unfortunately I'll be gone for the most of June so I suppose the sparse commenting thing knocks me down a peg (besides, no one will defeat Sullivan McPig on that competition!)

Enbrethiliel said...


Okay! You're in! =D

And if you check the Top Commenters widget, you'll see that someone already did beat Sullivan . . . this week. ;)

christopher said...

Sullivan just eased off on the throttle...

Fun and Fearless said...

I want to join too. ^_^ I hope I'll make it to the Top Commenters list. I also have an idea for a Locus Focus post.. but I'm shy to post it (if I can ever have the courage to write it)... T_T

EegahInc said...

Rats, at first I thought you were about to give away a copy of Omen IV: The Awakening :)

Enbrethiliel said...


Christopher: Hmmmm. And just look at who is Number One now . . . Interesting strategy you have!

F&F: Well, no guts, no glory!

Eegahinc: Oh, if only this blog were that cool . . . ;)

Salome Ellen said...

I'm in! Although I hope I win -- so that I can get a book unavailable here -- I'm pretty sure I won't. But it'll be fun to watch. And maybe i really will squeeze out the time for a Locus Focus...

Enbrethiliel said...


Thanks for your support, Salome Ellen! =) Good luck to you and to everyone else joining!

r said...

Consider this my entry. I am in it for free stuff, always.

Enbrethiliel said...


And I don't think any less of you for it. =)


Now I'm going to assume that everyone who has joined up so far is a resident of either the US or Canada, because no one has claimed the extra two points for being "international."

Sullivan McPig said...

I'm in!
And you really should hunt down those international giveaways. i'm on a winning streak at the moment and won 5! giveaways in just 2 weeks!

Sullivan McPig said...

Oh! I claim my 2 points for not being from the US!!

Enbrethiliel said...


That's impressive luck you have, Sully! =D I admit that I run into a good number of international contests but don't bother to enter because the books do not interest me. It is the books I want which are always "US or Canada only"! =P Well, there was one exception . . . and I won that one! Yay! =D

PS--I'm glad that you're in over here, too. =)

Paul Stilwell said...

I will do my best to be shameless.

Fun and Fearless said...

I also claim my 2 extra points. I'm not from the US or Canada. ^_^

Enbrethiliel said...


Paul: All right, then! =)

F&F: Noted!

IntrovertedJen said...

If your post office has the world's worst government employees, I will happily send you my mail lady to complete your collection. Oh, she is awful.

I would love to read something I can't find here. And good for you for offering extra points for being "international." You guys really are neglected. My heart apologizes but my wallet says that's the way it has to be sometimes. Thanks for the contest/giveaway!

Enbrethiliel said...


Hey, Jen! =D If anyone's wallet understands, it is mine! ;)

I'm glad to see your entry here. Good luck!

Cozy Book Nook (Lesa) said...

Hey E! I never enter giveaways but this sounds fun--- I am in the US as you know but don't I deserve an extra point for living in the 'Bible Belt'-- it is like another country! heehee

My wallowing has knocked me out of the top ten-- I must remedy that-- I am very competitive!

Even if I don't win, I'm looking forward to learning about some new books.

Enbrethiliel said...


Maybe I can give you half a point for living in the Bible Belt? LOL! ;)

Thanks for entering! Good luck! =)

misha1989 said...

Finally an international contest! Thank you!!! Please count me in


If you're in a part of the world that isn't the US or Canada: 2 extra points

Enbrethiliel said...


Sure thing, Mischa! =)

Kaya said...

Count me in the contest!:)

And yay! I'm international as well, so two extra points for me (UK!;)

Kaya said...

doh, forgot to leave my email add:


Enbrethiliel said...


Great! =)

I hope you and Mischa noticed the three other international contests linked on my sidebar.

the booklady said...

Hello dear friend-from-way-back-when! Ha! I need another book like a need a hole in the head! Do not even consider me in the contest, but please keep me on the list of your friends and those you pray for! You are a treasured soul, dear to Him and me!

God bless and sorry I've been a stranger.

May He continue to bless you!

Enbrethiliel said...


LOL! I'm sure that everyone who has entered the contest thinks more kindly of you for not stepping up to compete! ;)

As for me, I'm glad to be in touch with you again! Thanks for stopping by. =)

mrsdarwin said...

Well, I'm from the US and I'm too lazy to comment that frequently, but Po-on sounds so good that I'll have to get my name in the pot now. :)

Enbrethiliel said...


It's always nice to see you, Mrs. Darwin. =)

Thanks for joining!