27 April 2010


Where in the Lore . . .

Q: Where did your reading take you this week?

A: Where didn't my reading take me this week??? I started out in swampy Southern Louisiana; made a quick trip to the mountainous Northlands; went deep into the dangerous Amazon; and ended up in rainy Scotland. And the adventure isn't over yet!

(See the rest of this week's answers at An Adventure in Reading.)

Once again, I regret to say that my new meme LOCUS FOCUS isn't ready yet. =( It's partly my fault for insisting on a professionally designed badge by the artist who created my header; she has a real career to think about first (not to mention her own blog), so she'll get to my order when she gets to it.

In the meantime, I hope everyone is thinking of a favourite setting to feature when the meme does make its debut!

She was running out of time, and every step of the way MacRieve had hunted her, no matter how far-flung her destinations had become.
She also suspected he'd been protecting her.
Even now.
Even after all she'd done to him.

Nobody does "far-flung" in Paranormal Romance like Kresley Cole! (Then again, I've never bothered to make a proper survey.)

The charm of Cole's "Lore" is that it's part of our own world. Mythical creatures like Valkyrie, Vampires, and Lykae (Oh, my!) have been co-existing with us men for millennia, though it is forbidden for them to share the Lore's secrets with anyone mortal. All the myths we have come from times when Loreans slipped up and made their existence known--though we don't always pass the accounts down accurately. This lets Cole inject a bit of snarky feminism once in a while, like when she "reveals" that Helen of Troy was really a fierce warrior--and that Homer covered it up because that's what men who have recorded history have always done. I'm not crazy about that, but I overlook a lot when it comes to Cole.

Most of this eighth adventure in the Immortals after Dark series is set in the Amazon. It's the Amazon of the Lore, of course, with its mystically hidden tributaries and mythical guardians. Yet the real Amazon is pretty amazing already . . .

GiantRiverOtter GiantLilyPad PinkRiverDolphin

I was surprised to learn that there really are giant otters, called lobos del rio ("river wolves"), that grow up to six feet long . . . giant lily pads so big that mature caimans can rest on them . . . and most fantastic of all, pink dolphins!

The mystically hidden tributary Rio Labyrinto, the truth about El Dorado, and the series' first glimpse of the green-eyed Shifter species are just icing on the cake!

Image Source: a) Pleasure of a Dark Prince by Kresley Cole, b) giant river otter, c) giant lily pads, d) pink dolphins


Sullivan McPig said...

I'm plotting on my first locus focus post already!
And those pink dolphins look so cool!

Enbrethiliel said...


Yes, they're adorable! =)

Let's keep our fingers crossed for Locus Focus! I don't want to rush Parajunkee, because she must really be busy, but I find it harder to wait with every day that goes by!

Jen G. said...

I wonder why I don't see your pics? It sounds like you've found some exotic locations!

This Locus Focus thing? I guess it's about your favorite settings? I had to wait a little while for Parajunkee to get my button done too, but she's always worth it. I love her work!

Enbrethiliel said...


Hi, Jen! =) I think Photobucket was down when you tried to view this post. If so, it seems to be back up again.

Yes, Locus Focus is about favourite settings. I admit that it was inspired by your Character Connection, which has turned out to be so much fun for me. Yes, Parajunkee is definitely worth the wait. I've subscribed to her design blog just so I can see all her new designs--and of course I always enter her contests! =P

Jen G. said...

Nope, still no pics for me! :(

i do follow PJ's design blog, mostly so I can see her cool new stuff. That is how I won my blog button though.

Enbrethiliel said...


That's really strange. =( I've never had this problem with Photobucket before and don't know how to begin to fix it. I'm also wondering how many other readers can't see my images . . .