30 April 2010


Friday Night Movie Vlog!!!

This week's topic:
Favourite Young Adult Novels

I fell in love with YA novels when I was twelve. Less than ten years later, when I realised I had absolutely no interest in the more "grown up" books available to me, I wondered whether I was emotionally backwards to continue preferring YA over every other genre in the bookstore.

Then I discovered that grown ups make up a great segment of YA readership and realised that there was nothing wrong with me: it was the whole generation that was backwards!

(That was a joke, by the way.)

WARNING: Before you click Play, please know that this video could make you seriously seasick.

(That's not a joke. My camera man was spastic. On purpose.)

Nope, no live blog for this video. That would be the height of indulgence for me, don't you think? =P But one day I hope to release it on DVD with commentary from the camera man and the cue card boy.

However, you are welcome to live blog it yourselves in the combox if you like. My brothers--despite being the worst crew of two in history--would love to hear from you.

By the way . . . the first person who can name the song the camera man was singing when he should have been silent will have Supreme Cheese status for the entire month of May!!!

Now use your Secret Decoder Ring to find out the titles of the ten books on my vlog:

1) From the Mixed-up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler by E.L. Konigsburg
2) A Swiftly Tilting Planet by Madeleine L'Engle
3) Island of the Blue Dolphins by Scott O'Dell
4) The Door in the Wall by Marguerite D'Angeli
5) Dear Mr. Henshaw by Beverley Cleary
6) The Unlikely Romance of Kate Bjorkman by Louise Plummer
7) Downsiders by Neal Shusterman
8) Sixth Grade Secrets by Louis Sachar
9) Crash by Jerry Spinelli
10) The Other Shepards by Adele Griffin


Jillian said...

I love your vlog! Really enjoyed it :) Your camera fan's so funny, dropping the card and all.

And I'm embarrassed, because I've only read Madeleine L' Engle's. I am definitely going to write down the titles you mentioned and check those out when I get the chance.

Enbrethiliel said...


"Funny" is a very nice word for what our little family production was!

And please tell me your secret: how did you manage not to get seasick through the whole thing???

Cozy Book Nook (Lesa) said...

You are such a great big sister! I enjoyed this immensely and only closed my eyes once. I must do one of these so you and Jillian can laugh at my TX/Okie accent!

I'd like to read some of these too-- the medieval one and the middle age parent one.

You know what would be great for these vlogs-- a written list too. so readers can refer back for a quick title without trying to find it in the video.


Enbrethiliel said...


I get the hint, Lesa! ;-) I'm off to update my post now.

FrB said...

:) What a fun video!

I'm not familiar with any of those books, but I enjoyed you being all teacherish with your production crew! ;)

Sullivan McPig said...

Ok, I am a little saesick, but it was worth it! Great Vlog!
And I never heard of any of those books, but some of them sound very interesting.

Sullivan McPig said...

I'm so seasick apparently I can't even spell the word right.

iolanthe95 said...

it was really interesting to see and hear you for the first time!

christopher said...

You're only making yourself more likable by doing this, ma'am :). You exude "teacher" (that's a compliment by the way).

By the way, I heard him singing at least five times, can't tell what it was, probably an 80's song, huh? Sounded country though, yes?

Michael said...

Yup Christopher I have to agree, she exudes teacher in a good way. :-)

Jillian said...

Haha Lesa I got the hint too ;) Just put it up :)

Jessica said...

haha I really enjoyed that, never heard of any of the books though. Dam I think I was very deprived as a YA as the books I read at that time weren't great.

Enbrethiliel said...


FrB: Not big sisterish? ;-)

Sully: Oh, dear! I hope you've fully recovered by now!

When my camera man brother and I were reading your comment, I said, "See? You made him seasick!"--and he snapped back, "But he said it was worth it!" LOL!

Iolanthe: Thanks! =)

(Any comments for my brothers? LOL!)

Christopher: Yes, it is a Country song, but I think it came out in the 90s. I was concentrating so much on the cue cards that I didn't notice his singing until we were about to wrap; but when we were all playing it back, I couldn't believe how many times he brought the song in!

Michael: Well, at least it's not a bad way. =) Thanks!

Enbrethiliel said...


Jessica: Thanks for watching!

Which YA books did you read when you were younger?

I've been a dedicated YA reader most of my life, but I make an informal distinction between those I discovered as a young adult and those I discovered as an "older" adult. It's also there in the video, though I forgot to mention it: the first five books are from the first category; the second five, from the last. Which is to say that it's never too late to start reading YA! =)

Michael said...

Which is to say that it's never too late to start reading YA! =)

I don't remember reading much YA material as an YA. I devoured my parents library (both who were/are readers and have university/graduate school educations) and none of the books were of the YA type.

In some ways that was a good thing as I took the "world" very seriously at a young age because of so much of that reading, which was wide ranging and certainly beyond the sphere of what my teachers were offering. And I did read a lot of the classical "YA" material, just very little by modern writers.

Heck, my mom tells me that I was reading the Bible at age 3 with understanding and I do remember conducting Catholic Liturgies in the basement with my friends as a child. So funny looking back on it, and I'm sure I have disappointed my mom as she always predicted I would become a "fisher of men" and not an entrepreneur.

I do remember one book by Judy Blume, But Then Again, Maybe I Won't and that probably greatly skewed my view of modern YA material. Don't bother. IMO, it is not even remotely worth it.

I have made up for some of that as an older adult, but I still have a long away to go.

Yes, Enbrethiliel, I consider someone who can teach me something a good teacher.

Alright, for some unknown reason I came out of lurkdom recently, but I noticed my name is showing up in the commentators list, so its back to cyber anonymity I go. Thanks for the vlog. I enjoyed it.

Enbrethiliel said...


The only Judy Blume books I liked were Super Fudge and Starring Sally J. Freedman as Herself--neither of which I own to this day, which says that I must not have liked them very much. Blume's books for teenagers are, on the whole, very issue-driven, which isn't a bad thing in itself; but they've always struck me as cynical and scoffing.

But she's hardly the best YA author there is. I'd say she only became a big name because she was one of the first major authors in the genre and because she deliberately picked controversial issues to write about. (And even though she's no longer in fashion, she must still get a lot of new readers every time the ALA's Banned Books Month rolls around or a Banned Books Challenge gets hosted on a major book blog.)

Anyway, I thought you stopped commenting because you reached #1 on the commenters list. LOL! I know someone else who did, got a little embarrassed, and slowed down considerably. Now that person isn't even on the list any longer!

Michael said...

I no longer have her book, and if I did I'm sure I would donate it to the library. I know she is not even close to the best, I was just giving you a quick summary of my YA reading history.

Anyway, I thought you stopped commenting because you reached #1 on the commenters list. LOL! I know someone else who did, got a little embarrassed, and slowed down considerably. Now that person isn't even on the list any longer!

Nope, other reasons.

Sullivan McPig said...

@Enbrethiliel: Thanks, I'm fully recovered.
Forgot to add that I love reading YA novels.
My favourites from way back were by Thea Beckman, a Dutch writer who wrote historical fiction mainly. There's one book of hers translated to English: 'Crusade in Jeans'.
another old time favourite is 'To Spoil the Sun' by Joyce Rockwood.

paul bowman said...

Good fun — thanks in no small part to the cameraman. : )

Wish I had clearer memories of such novels for young people as I read once upon a time.

Enbrethiliel said...


The camera man will be pleased to hear that! =)

Any love for the cue card boy?

Paul Stilwell said...

Well I'm not seasick at all. On the contrary.

Thanks for the wonderful video.

Your cue card brother did excellent, which can be told by your delivery.

Enbrethiliel said...


The cue card boy appreciates the love! <3

Tina said...

Loved the vlog...:P
and love your blog...

Enbrethiliel said...


Thank you, Tina! =)

And thanks for following!

Jillian said...

Hi! Top10Picks:Young Adults' Mr. Linky had a bit of a technical problem and erased all our links!! :/ If you don't mind linking again, please do so over here. Thanks sooo much and sorry for the trouble.

Enbrethiliel said...


For you, Jillian, anything! =D (Well, almost . . .)