04 April 2010


The Book (Cover) List
(A fun meme hosted at Lost in Books)

This was actually last week's topic--and I'm edging in now by the skin of my teeth. Originally, I wasn't planning to do this because I don't really care about covers.

Unless they're really bad. In which case I all but wrap my current read up in brown paper.

Good covers, on the other hand, can blend into the wallpaper for me: if they're not unsightly--heck, even if they're really gorgeous--I just forget about them after I start reading. (It doesn't seem fair, does it?)

Yet there are some covers in my personal library that have gone above and beyond their call of duty to "sell" the texts they bind together, by "selling" their reader as well, and I remembered them today . . .

3 Covers
That Have Complemented My Clothes

The Lady for Ransom by Alfred Duggan

I didn't notice how well this cover went with the pink and rose palette of the ensemble I had put together that morning, until I was taking my clothes off later that night and they landed next to the book on the bedspread. And then I was just amazed. I must have looked so good that day! Smart in both senses of the word. =P

It isn't often that reading and fashion are so colourfully coordinated, you know!

A second magic moment happened a short time later with another Duggan novel, Count Bohemond, and a white and turquoise ensemble. Man, I really loved Duggan after that!

A Morbid Taste for Bones by Ellis Peters

This is a cover that I never thought would go with anything, because the palette of purples and yellows was just so sombre . . . Well, it turned out that I had similar shades in my closet and just never thought about putting them together, but kept pairing them with brighter stuff. (I don't read Whodunits very often, so I don't really dress for them.)

I was in someone's waiting room when I laid the book down on my lap, to rest my eyes, and noticed that the borders were nearly the same shade as my aubergine shirt dress and that the yellow hues really went well with my mustard sandals. You can bet that a fantastic interview followed!

Purgatory by Dante (translated by Anthony Esolen)

Believe it or not, I bought this book just because it happened to go with my outfit the day I was browsing in the store. Azure singlet, white skirt with azure and sea green flowers, dark denim jacket, sea green jandals . . . and I had just been to church, too. How could I have resisted buying it???

Unfortunately, it was easier to resist reading it. =P I ended up putting it down in the middle of Dante and Virgil's ascent, to attend to more pressing matters. One of these days, I'll throw on one of my new blue dresses, curl up with this book again, and actually finish it.

Image Sources: a) The Lady for Ransom by Alfred Duggan, b) A Morbid Taste for Bones by Peter Ellis, c) Purgatory by Dante (translated by Anthony Esolen)


r said...

I do enjoy Brother Cadfael's mysteries.

Enbrethiliel said...


Yes, but do you also wear them? ;-)

I'm afraid I haven't read beyond the first book in this series, so I can't really discuss them.

DeLynne said...

I must start dressing to match my reading. But which comes first, the outfit or the book?

Actually, I have been thinking about the aesthetics of books, and have a pertinent post percolating.

Enbrethiliel said...


I'll look forward to that post, DeLynne! =)

As for which comes first . . . When I end up matching my current read, I guess the book came first and my fashionista subconscious picked the outfit based on the colours.

There have been two times in the past, however, when I've bought books simply because they happened to go with what I was wearing when I was in the bookstore!