17 March 2010


Wednesday Night Trailer: "Whenever the moon was full . . . it happened again"

I know I said I'd only live blog sitcoms from now on . . . but that was before I remembered how cute Corey Haim used to be . . .

Yes, that's right: before he fought vampires, he battled a werewolf. My kind of boy!

(The trailer is seriously awful, so I hope you don't judge the movie by it. See you on Friday night for the live blog!)

Some DVD covers are just bad.

A werewolf movie seemed like such a good idea last weekend, when I started planning this week's blog schedule. Why not, I thought, do some straight Horror blogging? For a change!

It was still a good idea as late as last night.

What happened today changed all that. I'll be blogging more about my adventure in my next Writing Diary entry, but here's another trailer to show you where my thoughts are now headed . . .

Image Source: Silver Bullet DVD

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