11 March 2010


Shelf Share Thursday: Come and "C"!
(A weekly meme hosted at Bippity Boppity Book)

Last week was actually B week, but I linked up my A list because my collection of books I've yet to read didn't have any titles that began with B!

Just when I thought I wouldn't have enough C books, either . . . I happened to look in two unusual places and saw that I did!

I Should Get Started on Soon

The Castle of Llyr by Lloyd Alexander

I'm still not sure why I haven't read this book yet, as I liked the first two books of the Prydain Chronicles well enough.

I think it's because I want to reread those two first, and have them fresh in my memory before I embark on a new adventure with the same great group of characters. Reading one book is one thing, but reading three books that go together is . . . well, if not three things, then another thing entirely from the first.

Gosh. Reading my own procrastination in that previous paragraph just disgusted me. I feel as if the only way to redeem myself in my own eyes is to get started on a "Future Read" tonight! It just probably won't be this one . . .

For reasons related to my renewed interest in Greek myths (and my total ignorance of Welsh myths) and the fact that I'm currently all L'Engled out, I'm just not going to be reading a Fantasy any time soon. Hmmmm. Perhaps a Crime Thriller, then . . . ?

Conspiracy in Death by J.D. Robb

When a friend from an online reading community heard that I was having trouble finding the first of the In Death books (which meant I couldn't read them, because I must read a series in order), she very kindly offered to send me her old copies of the first books in the series.

What happened next is retold, with spirited indignation and in libertarian style, in my article Pro-Smuggling: Because I Have a Brain.

Though I had been intending to complete what the Romance community calls a "glom," these books met the same fate that Alexander's Chronicles of Prydain did: I only got through the first couple of books in this haul before I had to stop. (Last year's Lent sacrifice was novels. And by the time Easter rolled around, I had been well and truly distracted!)

Yet I did manage another article, a critique of the anti-gun stance in the first book, Naked in Death: Fact-Checking the Future.

The Constant Princess by Philippa Gregory

This was a present from a former student. At the end of a special English class show-and-tell called "Share-a-Book" (a very book-blogger-ish activity, now that I think about it!), I brought some of my own books to class. At the time, I was still in the middle of that historical reading challenge I mentioned in last week's Shelf Share Thursday post (3 "A" Books), so I brought everything I had already found for the challenge.

A few weeks later, on Graduation Day, one of my students gave me this book. I was very touched that she had taken the time to give me something she thought I'd really love . . . and so it kind of killed me that one of the authors I had already decided I would never read for the challenge--and indeed, never read at all--was Philippa Gregory!

I've kept the book, but not read it--yet it has not gone unloved. A few months later, a good friend of mine from my uni days came to visit for a week. Since I couldn't get more than a day off from work, she spent her afternoons going through my books. This one was her favourite, and right before I dropped her off at the airport, she said she hoped I'd read it soon.

(Why do I have a feeling that everyone reading this is now wary of giving me a book for a gift? Hey, look, if you can get me The Leopard Sword by Michael Cadnum, I will so read it!)

Image Sources: a) The Castle of Llyr by Lloyd Alexander, b) Conspiracy in Death by J.D. Robb, c) The Constant Princess by Philippa Gregory


Holly said...

The Constant Princess was just meh for me and I've read a lot of PG. I'd have to say her two Boleyn books were the best followed by the Queen's Fool.

Enbrethiliel said...


Well, that settles it, then! =P

The book happens to be in excellent condition. Should I re-gift it?