12 March 2010


Death (Not) by Stereo

Corey Haim

As Sam Emerson in The Lost Boys, Corey Haim successfully battled blood-sucking villains whose vampirism was mostly a symbol of drug addiction.

Life would not imitate art. Haim himself became addicted to hard drugs, and for several years he seemed to be either in rehab or in between rehab centres. Just when it finally seemed that he was getting his act together again and working seriously toward a comeback, we received news of his death, apparently by drug overdose.

You'll likely find this tragic parallel on a million other blogs this week. Haim will become a poster boy for anti-drug propaganda . . . and you'll be lucky to read or hear a media report about the real moral in his life, which is that celebrity has never been very good for children.

What I'd like to focus on now, however, is the first lesson I ever learned from Haim--or more accurately, from his Lost Boys character Sam Emerson. Not that they can be separated: no other actor, I think, could have delivered the following lines--the best ones in the whole movie--in quite the same way . . .

It's that girl from the boardwalk. Is she one of them?

She's one of them!

And don't tell me it doesn't make her a bad person, Mike!

Hilarious! And yet, challenging!

The main questions are:

Does the company one keeps make one a bad person?


Does being a vampire (or a drug addict) make one a bad person?

Either of them makes beautiful philosophy! For, of course, one of the great questions worth asking in any age is what it is that makes a good man.

Sam was instantly willing to write off Star, the girl from the boardwalk--a defensible decision. If anyone tries to bring any sort of addiction into your life, the same self-preservation is often necessary. But Sam's older brother Mike did not give up on Star that easily; he had guessed--correctly--that she was not really "one of [the vampires]." And he acted accordingly for both their sakes.

Thank you, Philosopher Haim. I will always remember.

Image Source: a) Corey Haim in Lost Boys promo, b) The Lost Boys clip, c) The Lost Boys vampires


Bob wallace said...

I didn't remember him until I looked him up and realized I had seen him a long time ago in a movie called "Lucas."

Enbrethiliel said...


I'm watching Silver Bullet right now. I think I'll live blog it next Friday.

Lucas isn't on YouTube, unfortunately. I would have liked to see Kerri Green in another movie.