02 February 2010


Team Taylor Tuesday: Album of the Year!

Well, okay . . . Today Was a Fairytale isn't that great. To be totally honest, the performance is something Taylor might already be really embarrassed about, and the lyrics are like White Horse + Happy Ending . . . or Love Story - William Shakespeare. (As for the melody, it's like Fifteen all over again.)

Still, the best part of the set is the oh-so-country arrangement of You Belong with Me, so it's worth watching the video to the very end.

Best Female Country Vocal Performance

Best Country Song (White Horse)

Best Country Album (Fearless)

Album of the Year (Fearless)

Four Grammys and a duet with Stevie Nicks! A fairytale indeed! Taylor is quite the princess these days, isn't she?

That's why I have to announce the end of Team Taylor Tuesday as we know it . . .

For a blog named after processed cheese is not about celebrating the stars! This is a place where the odd and the obscure can be loved for what they are. As much as I like Taylor . . . well, the word "overrated" is starting to come to mind . . . so I should stop blogging about her while everything is still civil and fluffy.

Now here's a guitar lesson, because we haven't had one in a long time . . .

Good night, sweet princess . . . and may Country angels sing you to greater success!

Image Source: Taylor Swift at the 2010 Grammy Awards


Paul Stilwell said...

"That's why I have to announce the end of Team Taylor Tuesday as we know it . . ."

I'll toast to that. With my cup of cheap black coffee. That girl talking the lyrics over the chords sounded better.

So...when are you going to do a live blog of Big Trouble in Little China?

Noxxtis said...

...and may she rest in peace! On your blog that is XD

Enbrethiliel said...


Paul: I'll possibly do it after:

a) I actually finish that Conan the Barbarian live blog;
b) I feature Rockula; and
c) someone uploads the whole movie on YouTube!

Noxxtis: It was about time, anyway . . . February is "Women in Horror" Month, as you already know. ;)

iolanthe95 said...

There has been a lot of sniping about Taylor's grammy performance on sites that I visit--and a lot of talk about how only teenaged girls with no taste like her music. It's gotten so that I'm almost embarrassed to admit I'm a fan--and now this! No more Team Taylor Tuesday!

Enbrethiliel said...


Yeah, it's really shabby timing on my part. Yet if you look at how infrequently I've updated this series since I started it, I think you'll agree that I haven't really had much to say!

I still like listening to her music and covering her songs on guitar; I just won't be blogging about her as much in the future.